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Your RandomsExact is from 1 to 69

This website's purpose is to give you Exact Random Numbers.

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1.70 - 1 = ?
2.Woof woof
3.Give your partner a foot massage
4.Tea time
5.Time for toe sucking
6.Give your partner a bath
7.Get a back rub
8.Costume time
9.Tie up your partner
11.Give a hickey
12.Neck kissing
13.Whip cream
14.Feel the vibration
15.Play with the headlights
16.Veggie time
17.Drink a glass of alcohol
18.Tickle your partner
19.A good spanking
20.Back scratch
21.Use your hands but be gentle
22.Use a toy
23.Watch some
24.rub on baby oil
25.Use an ice cube
27.In your car
28.Standing up
29.Massage their neck
30.Find her G-spot
31.Butt what?
32.Keep your clothes on
33.Wear a blind fold
34.Tell a story that causes excitement
35.Give your partner a compliment
36.Take a joint shower
37.Female on top
38.Female on top facing away
39.Side to Side
40.How many fingers can you fit?
42.Seated facing each other
43.Man stands woman sits
44.Eat the banana
45.Mow the lawn
46.Kill the one-eyed snake
47.Clean the pipes
48.Dig a tunnel
49.Remove the skin from a cherry
50.Put some whip cream on it
52.Invite a friend
55.No pain no gain
56.Watch a movie
57.Buy and play a game
58.Go get some massage cream
59.Go get some rope
60.Are you a cop?
61.Wax on wax off
62.Clean as a whistle
63.Tis better to give than receive
64.Be cunning with your lingus
65.Fella and ratio together
66.Play doctor
67.A game of stripe poker
68.Play with the kitty
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