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74 Things I Liked as a Child

This is a list of things I liked when I was a kid, less than 13 years old.
1.Baseball Cards
3.Riding my brown tricycle
4.Batman TV Show
5.Playing Sports with friends
6.Making believe I was an astronaut
7.Making believe I was driving my dad's car
9.3 Steps to Germany
10.Board Games (Monopoly, Careers)
12.3 Box Baseball
13.Roller hockey
14.Round Up (the game not the poison)
16.Bozo the clown
17.Get Smart
18.Gilligan's Island
19.Crushing coins on the train tracks
20.Roller skating
21.Stick Ball
22.Off the point
23.Off the curb
25.Punch ball
26.Wiffle ball
28.Going on the roof
29.Dropping eggs out of the window
30.Pitching coins
31.Captain aka Ace-King-Queen
32.Knux - card game
33.Crazy 8s - card game
36.Magnify Glasses
39.Rocky Road ice cream
40.Mohegan Lake Bungalow colony
41.Racket ball
42.Frisbee football
43.Bugs bunny
44.Spalding rubber ball
45.Super ball
46.Silly Putty
47.Playing army
48.Coloring books
49.Climbing up rocks at the Aquaduct
50.Sled riding
52.Star Trek
53.Superman TV show
54.I Dream of Jeanie
55.Putting clothespin and baseball card in spokes of bike to make it sound like a motorcycle
56.Doing things with my family
57.Buying Yoohoo and pretzels at store
58.Buying red white and blue rocket pop from ice cream truck
59.Playing video game pong and breakout
60.War - Card Game
61.Digging holes in the sand at Orchard Beach
62.Monkey bars
63.Making $ from my newspaper route
64.Riding bikes to Kensico Dam
65.Playing Paddle ball in Co-op city
66.Playing chess
67.Playing stick ball
68.Playing punch ball
69.Playing wiffle ball
70.Playing frisbee football
71.Exploring hidden places in my school
72.Playing cards
73.10 cent pizza
74.Playing war and using sticks and guns
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