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Fun vs. not Fun List

2.Scoring a goal in hockey
5.Camp counselor at a sleep-away camp
6.Share in Fire Island
7.Playing all sorts of sports
8.Being an expert
9.Being productive
10.Having energy
11.Bike riding
12.Ice skating
13.Creating software
15.Getting retweeted
16.Getting a phone number
17.Eating pizza
18.Watching the Islanders or your home team win a championship
19.Seeing a great movie
20.Winning a contest
21.Getting paid
22.Getting a promotion
24.sleigh riding
25.Listening to music you like
26.Getting or giving a massage
27.Hot bath
28.Getting a twitter response from a famous person
29.Being on the radio
30.Laughing and making people laugh
31.Playing with kids
33.Performing Magic
34.Getting a new job
35.Helping someone
36.Learning a new skill
37.Getting a cool domain name
38.Coming up with a new idea
39.Automating a manual task
40.Meeting new people
41.Roller blading
42.Going on a date
43.Reaching a goal
46.Playing guitar
47.Losing weight
49.Getting a bargain
52.Not Fun
53.Slow computer
54.Screwing up in hockey
55.Doing housework
56.Being a beginner at something
57.Being unproductive
58.Boring work
59.Boring people
60.Getting a poor quality product
61.Deleting spam emails
63.Bar Mitzvahs
64.Being in pain
65.Getting old
66.Needing glasses
67.Not being able to figure out how to do something in a program
68.Losing work on a computer
69.Listening to noisy people at work
70.Waiting for late people
71.Listening to music you don't like
72.Doing the same thing over and over again
73.Gaining weight
74.Losing your hair
77.Getting hurt
78.Getting interupted
79.Being overwhelmed
80.Forgetting stuff

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