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What is Smart Task Selection?

What is Smart Task Selection?

Do you have trouble reaching your goals? Are you doing the wrong task at the wrong time? Do you wait until the last minute?  Are you usually late and rushing? If you could go back in time would you have done things differently?

You have a fixed amount of time here but an almost infinite number of ways to spend your time.

I define Smart Task Selection as being very smart about what task you do. Doing the proper task gives you the best chance reach your goals. If you haven’t been reaching your goals then you not being smart about your task selection.

For example, if you have a meeting at 10 am, do you prepare for the meeting or surf the internet instead? Do you arrive on time?

Have you been reaching you goals? Are your goals clear enough that you’d know you reached them?

If you haven’t been reaching your goals will you reach them by doing what you’re doing now?  Probably not.

What if you knew that if you followed a series of steps like a recipe that you’d have the best chance of reaching your goal? Note that just because you have a recipe, doesn’t mean the dish will come out spectacular. You might not follow the recipe correctly or the recipe could be wrong.

Do you pay bills late? Are you late for meetings? Do you forget to by birthday gifts? Do you wait for the last minute?  All of these problems are due to not being smart about task selection.

Smart Task Selection is under development and I need your help. My first goal is to use a crowd-sourced method of helping you reach your goals. My second goal is to create software that helps also.

You can help by sending an email to .

If you do what you did, you get what you got.

So what Smart Task Selection (STS) will address is:
• Lateness and rushing
• Identifying your true goals
• Reaching them
• Being prepared
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