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How to be less nervous

1.Prepare more. If you're nervous you may not be prepared
2.Practice more. Get into the situation that makes you nervous and face it.
3.Work of of a presentation
4.Have notes to refer to
5.Have a drink
6.Change "I'm nervous" to "I'm excited"
7.Be patient, nerves usually go away once you get started
8.Most people can't detect that you're nervous
9.Avoid things that make you nervous.
10.Life is very short. Will you regret something you avoided because you were nervous?
11.Have a rubber band to play with if that calms you down
12.Take an herb that relaxes you like Valerian root
13.Avoid things like caffeine or energy drinks that can make you nervous
14.Don't care about the outcome. Sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves.
15.Try not to be a perfectionist as you'll always fail at what you do.
16.Accept that some things will make you nervous and that's ok

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