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Excel Diet Data

Starting weight 182 lbs.

DateWeightGoalFrom goal500 calories less per dayExercise
11/22/2012181.40181.860.46no milk with tea, 1 zone bar for breakfast0
11/23/2012181.80181.710.09Day after Thanksgiving too many desserts0
11/24/2012183.00181.571.433 eggs w/cheese on eng muffin, turkey cheese on a bagel, 5hres, dinner at friend's, alcohol and lots of deserts0
11/26/2012185.60181.294.31walked 3 mi. ate ok1
11/28/2012181.80181.000.80Walked 6 mi, ate ok1
11/29/2012181.40180.860.54walked 3 mi. 1 slice pizza for lunch, 2 slice cheese, staple, walnuts snack1
11/30/2012180.60180.710.11:) Atkins bars, gorgonzola pizza0
12/1/2012181.00180.570.43Had ice cream0
12/2/2012181.20180.430.77br #2 b4 weigh in0
12/3/2012181.40180.291.11Walked 6 mi, ate ok1
12/4/2012179.60180.140.54:) no walk, ate at 5 guys because below the line0
12/5/2012179.60180.000.40walked 3 miles1
12/6/2012180.00179.860.14Walked 6 mi, ate ok, lots of pistachio nuts1
12/7/2012179.40179.710.31Took mem pill, fish oil, 400 mg dhea, 6wc, dinner @ Houlihan's0
12/8/2012179.60179.570.03Hanukkah party no exercise, dad in hospital0
12/9/2012179.80179.430.37ate good, basketball with son1
12/10/2012178.60179.290.69bread, plantain chips, no ex0
12/11/2012178.40179.140.74ate chocolate and milk b4 bed no ex0
12/12/2012179.00179.000.00ate chocolate coins and milk b4 bed no ex0
12/13/2012180.40178.861.54must ex and ice water, no junk today, didn't ex but no junk food :)0
12/14/2012178.60178.710.1120g protein, 2 Atkins bars, 2 slice pizza dinner, popcorn, pretzels w/cheese, no ex0
12/15/2012178.40178.570.17ate good, no ex0
12/16/2012178.40178.430.03protein bars, chicken salad on flagel, Chipotle salad, Big bag of potato chips0
12/17/2012179.60178.291.31ex 3 mi, 3 zone bars, cough drops1
12/18/2012179.60178.141.46ex 3mi, 3 atk bars, slice eggplant pizza, plain flagel excelcised1
12/19/2012177.80178.000.20ex 3mi, 3 atk bars, salad w/chkn, 180 cal atk bar1
12/20/2012176.60177.861.26ex 3 mi, 120c protein shake, Cheese on bagel, 1 atkn bar, potato chips, cosi buffalo bleu, 20 choc coins 3 slices of coins1
12/21/2012177.60177.710.111 atk bar bf, 1 atk bar lunch, party for engagement party, wine, salad, pizza, bread, appetizers, 2 atk bars before dinner, no ex0
12/22/2012178.30177.570.73Missed day interpolated0
12/23/2012179.00177.431.572 atk breakfast, ex and no carbs,2 atk lunch, ex @ gym 1.5 hrs. Salad for dinner, pistachio nuts lns (late night snack)1
12/24/2012179.60177.292.312 atk, ex w2.5mi,2 atk lunch, 2 cheese brgrs, mshrm, onins, spinach1
12/25/2012177.00177.140.142 atk bf, 2 atk lunch, pistachio nuts, salad w/chkn dinner0
12/26/2012176.80177.000.202 atk bf, 2 pizza buffalo, plain, 1 atk snack, 2 atk dinner0
12/27/2012176.20176.860.662 atk bf,2 atk lu, cherry tomatoes snck, dnr merlot, small burger, salad, fried buffalo chkn, avocado wraps1
12/28/2012176.20176.710.512 atk bf, 2 atk lunch, banana, indian food -ckn tika masala, saag paneer, garlic naan, amaretto, 0
12/29/2012177.00176.570.431 atk bf, 1 atk lunch, 1 atk & banana snack, Big salad w/chkn peppers, spicy nuts,chipotle dressing and guacamole0
12/30/2012176.60176.430.1720g protein bar bf, buffalo chkn pizza & diet coke lunch 2 atk, 330 cal, 30g protein0
12/31/2012176.40176.290.113 atk, New Years Eve. 2 glass merlot, 1 chocolate wine. M&ms, 3 pizza, lots of junk, excelcised for 1 hr1
1/1/2013176.60176.140.462 atk, 3 slice small pizza w/chicken0
1/2/2013177.40176.001.40ex 6 mi., prot shake 120cal, 2 atk, salad w/chicken, snapple, 4 tea w/cinnamon1
1/3/2013177.40175.861.54120 cal. Shake, right foot pain, disappointed that I didn't lose any weight and walked 6 mi yesterday. But looking at the chart seems to be the pattern, ex 6mi. Small salad burger, tomato, cheese and handful of nuts, 3 atk bars. Left ankle in pain and pain in right ankle from sneaker1
1/4/2013176.20175.710.49Finally lost weight but 1/2 pound behind my goal. Thinking of playing ice hockey. Alcohol is definitely bad on this diet, maybe 2 glasses merlot. Eat smart at party tomorrow night. 1 atk bf1
1/5/2013175.20175.570.373 atk, 1 wine, dinner at Kumo, chkn teriyaki, beef negamaki, California rolls
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