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Exercise on the Excel Diet

Please see a doctor before you start any exercise program. I'm not a doctor this isn't medical advice.

You can do any type of exercises that burns calories. Some important things to consider are:
  • How easy will it be to do the exercises
  • How likely you'll get hurt and be unable to exercise
  • How enjoyable the exercise is
  • How much of a habit you make the exercise

    Below are some things to help you:
  • 1.Heart Monitor
    2.Jump rope
    3.Dumb bells
    4.Heart Rate Monitor
    5.Body fat monitor
    6.Blood Pressure Tester
    7.Medicine Balls
    8.Excelcise Spreadsheet
    9.Gym Membership
    10.Exercise Partner
    11.Good Sneakers
    12.Step Counter
    13.Stop Watch
    14.Chin-up Bar
    16.Exercise Bike
    18.Ear Muffs
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