Trip to #NYC on March 27, 2013

1.Train ride to Penn station
2.Walked to Ace Hotel, stopped at bathroom there
3.Walked to Math Museum but too much $ so didn't go in
4.Walked to Shake Shack in Madison Square park, had lunch
5.Went to Camera Obscura exhibit
6.walk to Paragon sporting goods on 18th and Broadway
7.Walked to Strand Book store
8.Walked to
9.Went to New Era hat store, had great comfortable couch
10.Walked to subway and took the B train to 47th and Seventh
11.Walked to NHL Store, had tea at starbucks
12.Walked to NBA Store, saw St. Patrick's Cathedral
13.Walked to Rockefeller Center and took train to 34th and Sixth Ave.
14.Walked to Penn Station
15.Took train home
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