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How did you come up with the Excel Diet?

I came up with the Excel Diet using my financial and software skills.

My name is Alec Berg and I've worked for financial companies on Wall Street most of my career. From these and my own knowledge I developed software that helped me quadruple my initial investment in the stock market. I used these skills to create a new weight-loss program. Not only will you lose weight but you'll finally keep it off!

As I aged I gained weight like most middle age people. I tried a number of diets:
  • Slow Carb
  • Zone Diet
  • Total fitness
  • Vegetarian
  • No Junk food
  • Weighing myself each day
  • Atkins Diet
Each had their pros and cons. I gained the weight back with all of them. The losing weight part wasn't that hard but the keeping it off seemed more difficult. For many years I would write on my to-do lists "W<170" which meant to weigh less than 170 pounds.

My weight kept creeping up. So this time using my Microsoft Excel and stock market skills I started on a diet and adjusted as I went along.

As a software developer I spend many hours solving problems. I've honed excellent problem solving skills and have a born creative bent, I stumbled upon a few secrets that helped me lose and keep off 20 pounds and these same techniques can help you.

When it comes down to it losing weight is a math problem, but you don't need to know math.

W' = W + (Cin - Cused)

You're new weight is equal to your previous days weight plus the difference between the calories you take in (Cin) and the calories you use (Cused).

Though this simple and obvious rule is like the stock market rule to buy low and sell high. Simple but very difficult to implement.

In my upcoming book The Excel Diet - Lose Weight and Keep it Off. I show you how to:
  • Eat candy bars every day and lose weight
  • Exercise without really exercising
  • Eat whatever you'd like under certain conditions
  • Lose a lot of weight by learning from a old fable
  • Create habits that will guarantee you lose the weight and keep it off
  • Not feel hungry while dieting
  • Not crave foods you love with one simple rule
  • Have the body where you're not embarrassed wearing a bathing suit
  • Keep off the weight and not gain it back
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