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Lose weight and keep it off!!

If you love Excel and hate being overweight you've come to the right place. The Excel Diet is a method to lose weight and keep it off that actually works. 95% of diets fail, be one of the 5%.

Benefits of the Excel Diet

  • Reduce risk of health issues
  • Less pain
  • Feel great when you reach your goal weight
  • Get rid of your pot belly
  • Have a figure you had as a teenager
  • Easy to do
  • You won't gain the weight back!
  • You get rewarded for reaching goals
  • It predicts when you'll reach your goal
  • Customized to your unique body and situation
  • You don't have to be perfect

    What is the Excel Diet?

    It's a process developed by Alec Berg to lose weight and keep it off using Microsoft Excel, a bathroom scale, the Excel Diet Spreadsheet (currently free) and some behavior changes.

    Each day:
    1. Weigh yourself
    2. Enter your weight to the Excel Diet Spreadsheet
    3. Optionally track what you eat and exercise you do
    4. Look at the chart and text (see example)
    5. Follow the text to
      1. Eat less, exercise more if behind your goal
      2. Eat more, exercise less if ahead of goal
    6. Blog or tweet about your progress or lack of it
    7. Learn what works
    8. Adjust

  • Objections to the Excel Diet

  • You need Excel to do it (not really)
  • You have to weigh yourself each day
  • You need a bathroom scale
  • It's not a quick loss weight program
  • You have to figure out what to do
  • It never ends
  • It won't work (If you believe this it won't, try something else)
  • You don't have the willpower (We have techniques that will help with this)
  • You've tried other diets and they always fail (You haven't tried this one)

    What to do next

    1. Order a bathroom scale if you don't have one
    2. Receive and set up scale
    3. Get a copy of Excel
    4. Download the Excel Diet Spreadsheet
    5. Set up the Excel Diet Spreadsheet
    6. Weigh yourself
    7. Enter your weight
    8. Follow the Daily Steps

  • We are offering free weight loss consulting for those who qualify.
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