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XD Presentation

1.What is the Excel Diet?
2.Who am I?
3.Why are you overweight?
4.How to lose weight?
5.How to keep it off?
6.The Method
7.What to eat?
8.What exercises to do?
9.How it works.
11.Eat this not that
12.Choices and actions you take makes you fat
13.If you eat what you always ate you'll gain weight
14.Counting Calories
15.Diet is for a life time
18.Why are we overweight?
19.Dealing with Hunger
20.How is Excel Diet different from other diets?
21.Behind Goal vs. Ahead of Goal
22.Calories in vs. Calories out Calories used
23.Small Changes
24.Low Sugar Protein Bars
26.Title Chart
27.How many meals to eat?
28.Is it healthy?
29.Why don't you have any set foods to eat?
30.Are diet sodas bad for you?
31.Eat at Subway example
32.Healthy Choices on menu
33.Choice between weight loss and pleasure
34.How many calories to eat per day?
35.How much should you weigh?
37.Lose 30 pounds
38.Lose Pot belly
39.Law of spot reducing
40.Implied Goal (Lwakio)
41.why diets fail
42.Figure out how 2 lose 1 lb.
44.Eat < Exercise >
45.Cin - Cused = -3500 calories
46.To lose belly fat you must lose weight
47.Daily: Scale, Weigh, Track, Adjust
48.1 pound = 3500 calories
49.Lose 500 calories per day
50.Set easy to reach goal
51.Losing weight at first is hard work
52.Is your weight stable, increasing or decreasing?
53.Trends, what is your trend?
54.Why you gained weight?
55.Who's thin?
56. Why lose weight?
57.Food = Fuel
58.Living, Exercising = Fuel Usage
59.What you're doing isn't working
60.My weight gain - 10 calories per day (show calc)
68.How to eat less, exercise more
69.Exercise and hunger
70.Failed attempts
71.Cancer and weight loss
72.Fud wud ug wug
74.What do thin people do?
75.If your thin why would you eat like that?
76.Planned Starvation
77.How would you look and feel if you lost x pounds, what's stopping you?

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