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Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

1. Human Problems (4)
2. Situations
3.Dog lays down on walk
4.Take small steps with dog
5.Tension is bad
6.release is good
7.Be calm
8.Get dog to calm state
10.Touch to stop escalation
11.Dog not ok with leash
12.Calmly connect with dog
13.Dogs need leadership
14.Pull leash up to block brain
15.Dogs don't surrender to nervous energy
16.How do you feel?
17.Must repeat everyday
18.Dogs get bad habits
19.Reward yourself
20.Follow through
21.Dog afraid of change in house, slippery floors
22.Dog not allowed to break rules
23.Don't allow dog to win
24.Affection for 100%
25.Dogs will shake
26.Dog protests you can't let them win
27.Don't ask why
28.Don't negotiate with dog that has problems, just do it
29.Don't project sadness
30.Nose, eyes, ears
32.Dog afraid to jump on boat
33.Shy Dog
34. Dog's Fighting in same household
35.Don't treat dog like a human
36.Excessive barking, use corrections, become pack leader
37.Mistake to use human psychology on a dog instead of dog psychology
38.Dogs aren't happy when they're excited, they're happy when in a calm-submissive zone
39.Don't share love unless in calm submissive state
40.High energy dog isn't good in city
41.Walk dog every day
42.Everyone must be dog's pack leader
43.Dog must have rules, boundaries, limitations
44. Dog won't walk on a leash
45.Afraid dog will hurt someone
46.When you adopt a dog best thing is a long walk
47.Don't give affection when dog is under stress
48.aggressive dog can be bored
49.Don't touch, talk, make eye contact, claim space
50.Pack leaders never say "Let's go" they just go
51.Dog must pay attention to its pack leader
52.Correct behavior before escalation
53.Dog lover doesn't mean knowledgable human being
54.Dogs don't live in the past or in the future
55.Use leash on little dogs inside house to help control them
56. Dog spins
57.With multiple dogs, control dominant dog
58.Dogs live in the moment
59.correct before bad behavior
60.Let go of the past
61.Jumping is excitement
62.Anticipating bad behavior is not living in the now which leads to anxiety
63.In a pack of dogs you go after the worst
64.Dog attacks broom, you must own the broom
65.You want dog to retreat which means I surrender to the exercise
66.Say no and move forward don't back away
67."This has never happened before"
68.When corrected a pack don't let them get behind you
69."This is amazing"
70."I can't believe it"
71.Pack leaders never come to followers, followers come to pack leader
72. Dog won't walk
73.Dog aggressive to strangers
74.Fix one thing at a time
75.It's hard to teach a dog rules if they're full of energy, need to remove the energy
76.Excitement in a dog is not necessarily happiness
77.You can either ignore a behavior or address it
78.Approaching dog makes them dominant
79."It's incredible"
80.Teach dog to step on treadmill, nothing negative happened
81. Scared dog
82.Dog afraid of leash
83.Dogs with fears are hardest to reabilitate
84.Dogs bite nervous energy if correcting
85.See what you want and make it happen
86. Dog attacks skateboarders
87."I'm totally amazed"
88.You energy must mean leadership
89.If you don't take a leadership role your dog will
90.Touch with foot to tell dog you don't agree with behavior, not a kick, used to snap them out of it
91. Aggressive dog in a cage
92.Catch bad behavior before it escalates
93.Don't nurture the wrong behavior
94.Better if dog greets you with head low
95.Separation creates enemies
96.Dog doesn't like to walk
97.Human's can create problems in their imagination
98.Use dog's name only for positive experience
99.When a dog comes to you it means they're not afraid of you
100.Work and then get reward not because a beautiful dog
101.Exercise, discipline, affection
102.Remind you dog who's in charge at home and in other locations
103.45 minute walk each day, high energy dog 1 hour, low energy 30 minutes
104.Dogs need a job
105.Don't ask a dog what to dog tell it what to do
106.Yelling at dogs might not work, calm assertive does
107.Keep it simple, just say stay, not the dog's name
108.Expect the behavior
109.No touch no talk no eye contact when meeting a new dog
110.You can't help a dog if you feel sorry for them
111.Who you are in the animal world is energy
112.You deprive a dog from being balanced if you only focus on how cute they are
113.Don't divide a pack by favoring one of them
114.Don't use sound to stop a dog fight it intensifies the agression
115.Dog won't take a bath
116.When meeting a strange dog for the first time, no touch, no talk, no eye contact
117.Projecting leadership gets you a different reaction from a dog
118.Don't live in the past with your dog
119.Aggressive dogs need extra exercise
120.Control dog at level one
121.Cesar approaches aggressive dog
122.Bath means affection
123.To get rid of your fear of flying you must fly
124.This is a miracle
127.Toy possessiveness
128.Can't clean ears
130.Submissive play vs. dominance
131.Playful state is submissive as far as animal is concerned
132.Fear brings aggression
133.Does leash represent negative or positive
134.Dog hides under bed defensive state afraid of something
135.Uses broom as extension of arm to get dog from under bed
136.Growling isn't aggression it's a conversation
137.Lifts dog from back of neck to simulate mother grabbing
138.Using two hangs on a bulldog he places growling aggressive dog in submissive position
139.Present scent of what dog doesn't like (nose, eyes, ears)
140.Fear of something use scent to mean total peace
141.Used a napkin to touch dog so he wouldn't get bitten as extension of energy
142.Tongue licking nose meant bulldog was challenging Cesar
143.Dog under you is submissive, on top dominant
144.Strike first before dog bit him
145.Dog growled and Cesar dig two handed neck submission drop
146.Get dog to submit then clean the ears
147.Always go back to basics, take dog for a walk
148.Dog afraid of loud noises
149.Dog afraid of garbage pails
150.New things scares dog
151.Don't bring feared object to a dog
152.When dogs are really afraid they don't take food
153.When passing feared object on walk dog can't choose what side to be on
154.Pull scared dog with enough force to get it moving then release tension immediately when it moves
155.Use handle of leash to make choke collar
156.Pull up when dog stops then relax when dog moves forward
157.Don't let dog end the exercise pulling away from it
158.Dog panics outside house and does anything to get back in
159.As pack leader don't allow play to get too intense
160.Controlling a dog with sound makes you excited source of energy
161.Excitement submission is better than excitement dominance
162.Leadership before affection
163.Keep your pack calm submissive
164.Repel other aggressive dogs by keeping your dogs in calm-submissive state
165.Don't always use treats, you want them to behavior because you say
166.Dog afraid of water at beach
167.Dog afraid of new people in house
168.Pulling dog away from something doesn't create understanding of not doing it again
169.Touch (simulated bite) used to slow the brain down
170.Reward what you want not what you don't want
171.Snaps brain out of hunting mode with two handed neck bite
172.Dog will put up a fight when transitioning from pulling to following
173.Hold the leash short but not tense
174.How do you feel when you're walking your dog?
175. Dog afraid to jump from dock to boat
176.If dog is pulling you to their fear let them pull
177.If dog is at a high level of excitement then fear can't get in
178.Two dogs in same home aggressive to each other
179.When dominating a dog claim space and dog must surrender (go to calm submissive state)
180.Don't use human psychology on a dog ("stella don't do it")
181.If you run away from predator they will chase you
182.Don't live in the past or the future, live in the now
183.You create your reality
184.Worry means weak energy
185.You don't own the future you own the now
186.Bad to hold leash like a war is about to happen
187.Powerful breeds have tendency to take over right away, especially when someone is not trying to be in charge
188.It's important to become a dog's pack leader from day 1
189.Do not wait until the mind escalates to a higher level
190.Animals pick up more on energy than what you're saying verbally
191.The higher a dog goes above the ground the more dominant they becoome
192.Everyone must be consistent with rules, boundaries and limitations
193.Everyone in the house represent humans who lead and love not just love and not lead
194.Use a muzzle to control biting
195.Your dog's behavior is a reflection of your own
196.The power of your intention
197.Calm your dog before meeting other dogs
198.Your dog mirrors you
199.Relax and snap him out of it
200.Giving distance is polite
201.Visualize what you want
202.2 Dominant dogs equals a fight
203.Walk 2 enemies together
204.Dog into your space without asking is dominance
205.Dog pees in house is dominance
206.If your friends with a dog you're part of the pack not leading the pack
207.Learn to recognize different types of barks
208.Nervous enegy
209.Follow through is taking dog all the way to 0 calm submissive
210.Ears forward and tail up is not a good way of saying hi to someone it's too assertive
211.Ask yourself what state am I in? Is it calm assertive?
212.If you discipline a dog and it doesn't surrender at that moment the problem doesn't go away it intensifies
213.The leash can make some dogs aggressive and some dogs to calm down
214.Think calmness, silence, power
215.If you don't know how you feel look at yourself and what do you see, tension?
216.When passing a dog on sidewalk, pass next to owner not next to dog
217.If there's no room on the sidewalk step aside to let the dog and owner pass
218.Standing still stops the prey drive
219.It's important to see low level of intensity
220.The only position you can have when you have a tense or laid-back energy is follower they don't feel protected
221.If the human is calm-assertive then you can lead
222.The dog will imitate the energy you provide
223.Problem is when dog doesn't have consequences for bad behavior
224.Two choices you address the behavior or you ignore the behavior
225.Treat a dog like a dog not like a baby or human
226.When sliding door is open doesn't mean dog can come in
227.It's not let me see what happens, it's you having the visual of what you want to achieve
228.Don't negotiate with your dog
229.Don't ask your dog, tell your dog
230.90% of relationship between human and dog is when the human masters the walk
231.Tug of war brings out aggressive side of dog. Don't play with powerful breed even if dog loves it.
232.What activities do you do for the breed?
233.Other dogs can teach your dog how to be different
234.When you keep moving forward with a "guard" breed and keep eye contact you can trigger them to move forward, it's a challenge
235.Correction can be given if too much focus or intensity
236.With most aggressive dogs the owners are not the pack leaders
237.Aggression can be triggered if you don't stop a dog when they're excited
238.Bored dog can be aggessive
239.Head low means respect
240.Myth that little dogs shouldn't be disciplined
241.Dog picks up how you feel inside
242.Aggressive dogs don't respect or trust the people they're aggressive to
243.When dog growls you touch harder
244.You don't hold a dog down you bite with your hand
245.Dog won't walk on leash because she doesn't know how, motivate with ball, pull a little bit and release.
246. Dog and cat don't get along
247.You have to create the bad behavior to correct it
248.You can't fix problems with affection
249.Separation breeds enemies
250.Barks can be read, Territorial but frustrated, Season 5 Episode 5
251.Dog must surrender to the activity
252.Correct unwanted behavior until dog submits
253.Correct unwanted behavior until dog submits
254.Introduce scissors as a scent, then sight then sound, massage with the tool
255.Diffuse aggression before it escalates
256.Tail in middle is a good approach towards another dog
257.Stopping dogs fear-based aggression is critical
258.Tension on leash when dog gets aggressive or fearful
259.Redirection, bulldog wants to attack other dog and Cesar redirects with scent of food
260.Dog won't stop barking S5 E5.when people leave, dog is pack leader
261.Don't give affection (petting) when dog is in state you don't want
262.Making dogs your babies is bad
263.You can't walk away from a dog after correction, they must be calm
264.Your vision can create what you don't want
265.You don't always pin them down it's best if dog does it on its own
266.You can't fool a dog. You can look assertive but if you don't feel assertive it doesn't mean anything
267. Dog runs away when owner coughs
268.Dog doesn't want to be left alone S3 E12
269.Don't give affection when dog is unsure
270.Tail between legs is fear
271.Let dog come to you to gain trust
272.Dog doesn't hesitate to pack leader they hesitate to dog lover
273.Dog lover means follower
274.Dog goes berserk around motorcycle.S3 E12
275.Give affection without voice
276.Dog can't invite himself, you must invite them
277.Don't hold leash with tension if nothing bad is happening
278.Never reinforce a bad behavior
279.If you feel weight from your dog it's dominance
280.Watch out with quiet dogs
281.No tension on leash
282.Correction is to the side. Quick tug, not lifting
283.Correct before the dog escalates
284.How does dog feel about your approach? Stop if dog backs up.
285.Do exercises calmly
286.Love only nurtures the state your don is in at that moment
287.Dog lover doesn't mean a knowledgeable human
288.Growling = nervous about approach
289.Sound communicates fear, anxiety, aggression, dominance, unsure
290.All animals understand energy
291.Animals focus on now, not past or future
292.Animals can sense what you're focusing on
293.Alertness is not aggression
294.Calm assertive touch snaps them out of it (unwanted state)
295.Animals don't listen to instability
296.Dogs live in the now
297.The less sound we use the more we create calmness
298.Barking can be excitement
299.Walk dog a long time when getting from shelter
300.If you can't create relaxation you can't be pack leader
301.You can't be pack leader if you're their friend or a dog lover
302.Talk calm not excited
303.Wait until brain becomes completely calm submissive
304.When they give you anxiety I disagree and snap the brain out of it
305.Claim the door
306.Sound triggers excitement
307.Sometimes the best thing you can do for your dog is to wait
308.Don't caress at level 3 because you're rewarding that behavior
309.Charging is territorial behavior
310.Go around dog not behind to stop charging ?????
311.Increase assertive energy if needed
312.Door open doesn't mean you go
313.Disagree with a nervous growl
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