Questionnaire for new client

1.What is your weight? (weigh them)
2.What is your height? (measure them)
3.Why do you want to lose weight?
4.What are your goals?
5.What is your sex?
6.How active are you?
7.Any health issues?
8.What is your date of birth?
9.Could we use your data anonymously?
10.Do you have Excel?
11.What diets have you been on?
12.Tell client their BMI
13.Do you want us to send us reminders?
14.Do you have a digit scale?
15.What's your waist size?
16.What was your 18 year old weight?
17.Would you weigh yourself each day? If not why not?
18.Give them a print out.
19.What was your highest weight?
20.What was your 18 year old weight and waste size
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