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28 Success Principles I Learned from my Dog

1.Be persistent
2.Be excited when you see someone you like
3.Outside is more fun than inside
4.Be wary of strangers
5.Scratch your itches
6.Do tricks
7.Be cute
8.Wag your tail
9.Let people know what you want
10.Listen to authority
11.Protect your family and toys
12.Communicate when you want something
13.Walk proudly
14.Be aware
15.Run instead of walk
16.Be a leader
17.Have fun with your toys
18.Be happy
19.Play with your friends
20.Move slowly to your goal
21.Let the boss have his way
22.Don't bark at people
23.Use your best tool (she uses her nose)
24.If food hits the ground it's still edible
25.Sitting outside and watching the world go by is very enjoyable
26.Be vulnerable
27.Live in the present
28.Be happy and excited when you greet someone

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