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How do you go from an idea to $? What are the steps?
  1. Research your idea
  2. Market the idea and see if people would buy it
  3. Turn idea into a product or service
  4. Test it
  5. Sell it
  6. Market it

Would you invest $ if someone else presented you with this idea

Doug Hall "Fail fast and fail cheap"

Use Google or Twitter ads to see if someone would like the pos?

Check for trademarks, websites, patents, Google search of the item you want to build.

Create a Shark Tank type presentation and answer the questions they have.

What can you charge for the pos?

What will it cost?

What if you don't have an idea?
  • What problems do you face?
    • Dog hair
    • Hair loss
    • Death
    • Job Loss
    • Cold

  • What annoys you?
  • What do you hate?
  • What do you like?
  • What problems are unsolved?

    What is your top idea?
  • DogTalk - a device where dog press a button and it says words for you to do, hungry, play, walk, etc. like baby talk
  • Excel Diet - a weight loss framework that helps you lose weight and keep it off
  • - a website that helps you create online lists
  • Success Book
  • Dog book
  • Hockey book
  • Excel Consulting Firm

    How to determine what your top idea is?

    How do you know if your idea is good or bad?
    Write a one page description of your idea
    Write a one sentence description of your idea
    How do you know if it's a good idea to pursue?

    How excited are you about your idea
    How much $ are you willing to bet on your idea
    Would you quit your job to pursue the idea full time
    What are the sales of your product or service?
    What competition is there?
    Target audience

    How do you know if you should spend your hard earned money on it?

    How do you if and when to quit your job?

    Can I use either Agile or XD method to go from I2$.

    Describe your idea




    I don't know because I've never done it. Ideas are easy to me. Developing software not that hard but something has been preventing me from selling.

    My current project is the Excel Diet.  It is a book, software and a website that helps you lose weight and keep it off. The biggest problem I think I have is that I can't get anyone in my family or I know to try the diet. I'm sure why the diet succeeded for me so far but part of it or even most of it might be that I'm trying to turn it into a business and the fact that I've gained the weight back would show that the diet doesn't work.

    Other parts is that I've been going back and forth between writing a book and preparing a presentation. I've been unable to finish the presentation for some reason. Why? Maybe I'm afraid to finish it because it means I have to go up in front of an audience and present it.

    Other reasons are I get stuck in a loop. I get distracted. I start stop start stop over and over and never finish.

    Could also be that I'm a perfectionist.

    I'm concerned that even if I sell books at $10 or $20 how many will I have to sell per year to quit my job 10,000 @ $10 to make $100,000 per year. I think I could try to sell the diet to high end clients for $1000 then I'd only need 100 clients per year. Also I think that if I could package it up as a business I could sell for $10,000 then I'd need only 10 clients.

    Would you quit your job to pursue this idea?

    Can you work on the idea while still working at your job?

    Does the idea solve a problem?

    What problem does the idea solve?

    How do you know if your idea is great?

    What legal issues do you face?

    Patenting, copyright and trademark.

    What if you don't have an idea? How to get ideas?

    Get feedback on your idea.

    Some ideas I have:
  • Shark Tank book
  • Use the ideas and wisdom of the sharks
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