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No one Will Tell You that you have Bad Breath

How to figure out what no one will tell you.

We are starting up the Open source ebook.

Send us your email and any suggestions or chapters you may have.

Here is an initial list of chapters.

  1. Is your spouse cheating on you?
  2. Will your boss fire you?
  3. Do you have bad breath?
  4. What would you do if you had bad breath?
  5. Do you offend people in anyway you don't realize?
  6. Are you attractive or ugly?
  7. Is your appearance holding you back?
  8. Actions speak louder than words
  9. What does your gut say?
  10. Do you call them or do they call you?
  11. Is the government spying on you?
  12. What do other people really think about you?
  13. Are you harder on yourself than other people are on you?
  14. Are you excluded or left out?
  15. What dogs can tell?
  16. What makes you happy?
  17. What do you Hate?
  18. Being Relaxed and Performance?
  19. How to get to where you want to go?
  20. The emperors new clothes
  21. How to get people to tell you, you have bad breath?
  22. When is weakness a strength?
  23. Are you boring?
  24. Do you snore?
  25. Summary
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