1.Dan Kaminsky
2.Geneva New York, Haden Gill - Bitcoin mining
3.Solving a math problem releases 25 bitcoin
4.What is the math problem to solve to create a bitcoin?
5.Block Chain,
6.What is a miner?
7.What is a bitcoin wallet?
8.Places that accept bitcoin
9.Silk Road
10.Tor Network
11.Silkroad 2.0
12.Chris Tarbell - FBI
13.Mount Gox
14.Joe Manchin - Bitcoin ban
15.Mastering Bitcoin - book
16.Andreas M. Antonopoulos
17.Original Bitcoin Paper
18. Wiklevoss twins
19.Bitcoin Center NYC - 40 Broad Street
20.Winklevoss Twins
21.How to convert Bitcoin to Dollars
22.How to convert Dollars to Bitcoin?
23.How safe are bitcoins?
24.Can someone rob you of your bitcoins?
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