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The 10x Rule

Book Summary: The 10x Rule – Grant Cardone
Chapter 1. What is the 10x rule?
• The 10x rule is based on understanding how much effort and thought are required to get anything done successfully
• First part assessing the level of effort necessary to realize a goal
• Second part I just think you're thinking so that you dare to dream at levels previously unimaginable
• Put forth 10 times the activity that others do
• Presentations phone calls appointments buying real estate
• Protocol your business enterprises with massive action that has to be the biggest determining factor in any success you will create
• Extraordinary levels of success means anything house either rome of what most normal people can do and achieve
• In order to get to the next level of whatever you're doing you must think and act in a wildly different way then you previously have been
• Only you know your true potential and whether you're living up to it no one else can judge your success
• You are required to take messes amount of action at 10 times the level you think necessary followed by more action
• Almost every problem people face in their careers and other aspects of their lives such as failed diets marriages financial problems are all results of not taking enough action
• Limiting the amount of success you desire is a violation of the 10 X rule
• When people start limiting the amount of success they desire are you sure you they will limit what will be required of them in order to achieve success and will fail miserably at doing what it takes to keep it
• You must set targets that are ten times what you think you want and then do ten times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets
• Mess of thoughts must be followed by massive actions
• 10 * before what's in 10 * the actions of all the people
• It's about pure domination mentality you never do what others do you must be willing to do what they won't do an even take actions you might deem unreasonable
• Basic mistakes people make when setting out to achieve goals
• Miss targeting by setting objectives that a true lo and don't allow for enough correct motivation
• Severely underestimated what it will take in terms of action resources money and energy to accomplish
• Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector
• Under estimating the amount of adversity they will need to overcome in order to actually attain their desired goal
• Occupy yourself with your own actions and that dominate in your sector
• What is your sector
• Humankind tends to set targets at sub-par levels
• Any goal you set is going to be difficult to achieve and you will inevitably be disappointed at some points along the way
• Why not set these goals that much higher than you deem worthy from the beginning
• It's better to come up short on high goals than low goals
• Why only get good at something when the marketplace only rewards excellence
• You can reach temporary success like and dieting but you must keep this success by keeping the weight off
• Your 10 X goal shouldn't feel like work
• It will feel like work is the payoff is not substantial enough and doesn't yelled and accurate had to quit victory to feel like something that isn't work
• Your focus should be on the kind of success that builds upon itself that which is perpetual and doesn't happen only one time
• A person who limits his potential success will limit what he or she has to do to create and keep it
• Average marriages bank accounts weight healthy businesses products and the like are just that average
Chapter 2. Why the 10 X rule is vital
• Increase your efforts not excuses
• Under estimating time energy and effort necessary to do something will give you quit in your mind Boyce posture face and presentations
• Instead of reducing your target or goal increase your activity
• The 10x rule assumes the target is never the problem any target attack with the right actions in the right amounts with persistence is attainable
• Instead of excuses you simply haven't correctly assess the amount of action necessary
• Assume that every project you attempt will take more time and money and your gf third and people than you can imagine multiply every expectation you have by 10 and you will probably be safe
• If you want to save time and getting your idea or product to market then you must make sure to do ten times more of everything
• Your potential customers are not as enthusiastic about your project because they don't even know about it yet
• See every action through to completion
• Approach every situation with a quote in it to win it whatever it takes unquote mindset
Chapter 3. What is success?
• To have and keep success you must know the three items
• Success is important
• Success is your duty
• There is no shortage of success
Chapter 4. Success is your duty

• There's no such thing as a overnight success
• Success always comes from earlier actions. There isn't a overnight success
• Approach success as a duty^The harder I work the luckier I getΆ
• Luck is a byproduct for those who take the most action
• Creating success and keeping success
• Success is my duty obligation and responsibility
• Being dependent on only a single thing or person for success limit your chances of achievement
• Success is not a zero sum game
• Success is your ethical duty
• Shortage of success getting a promotion at work
• Crybabies wonders in victims don't do well at attracting or creating success
• Success happens because of the actions you take
• Whatever is going on in your world good bad or nothing is something caused by you
• The 10 X rule refers to massive amounts of action taken persistently overtime
• You can act like a victim
• What can I do to reduce my chances of it happening again
• Everything that happens in your life comes as a result of your own responsibility not merely some outside force
• After an unpleasant encounter ask what can I do to reduce my chances of it happening again or even ensure that it doesn't happen again
• Until a person is done being a victim he or she is unable to create solutions and success
• Be willing to take actions at massive levels assume control and take responsibility for every outcome
• Nothing happens to me it happens because of me
• Success is a state of which you have control and responsibility either create success or you don't and it isn't for whiners cry babies and victims
• What do you want to assume control of in your life
• Success is not something that happens to you it is something that happens blank write three examples when you made success happen it didn't just happen to you
• What are the 4 consistent factors in the life of the victim
Chapter 5. There is no shortage of success
Chapter 6. Assume Control for Everything
Chapter 7. 4 degrees of action
• Disciplined consistent and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things
• Most people fail only because they are operating at the wrong degree of action
• Take massive action
• What are the useless activities you participate in
• Secure business by taking massive action
• Approach every day like your life depends on the actions you take
• Signals that you're taking massive action or having people comment upon and admire your level of activity
• If people don't know you or about your new product in the only way to burst through obscure d is by taking missus action
• Take massive action
• When was the time in your life when you were taking massive action and winning
• What will you immediately create when you take massive action
• What can you expect those who don't take massive action to say to those who do
• What other things may happen as you start to take massive action
Chapter 8 average is a failing formula
• Any successful person you've met has taken massive action to get there
• Most businesses fail because they are unable to sell their ideas products and services that price is high enough to sustain the company and fund its activities
• Write down names of people who you know operate at only average levels
• Record your goals in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed
• Write down the names of people who you know are exceptional and describe how they are different from average
• Look up the definition of average as a adjective and write it here
• Chapter 9 10 X goals
• Write your goals down everyday
• Choose objectives that are just out of reach
• Word your goals as if you've already accomplished them
• Record your goals in the morning when you wake up in in the evening before you go to sleep
• Record your goals at the office also
• Average goal setting cannot and will not fuel massive 10 times action
• If you start with average kohl's you will give up the moment an obstacle or resistance comes in your way
• To get through resistance you must have a big juicy purpose as your engine
• The bigger and more unrealistic your goals are and the more there a line to your purpose and duty the more energized and fuel your actions
• When you are setting a goal be sure you are clear about what you want it for and then tie it to a great purpose
• You will hate a job if its not aligned with your goals and purpose
• Your goals are there to fuel the actions you will need to take to make them big and make them often and then tie them in with your other greater purposes
• Are the goals you set equal to your potential
• Realistic thinking is based on what others think is possible
• If I asked you 5 closest associates about their goals I'd probably be able to identify some of yours as well
• Write down your goals every day until they are achieved
• Regardless of the size of the goal it will require work
• Three steps in summary
• Set 10x targets
• Align them with your other purposes
• Write them down every day when you wake up and before you go to sleep
• Exercises
o Write down how your upbringing has influenced your goal setting
o What are some goals you would set if you knew you could achieve them
o What are other goals purposes that align with primary goals that would further fuel your actions
o Look at the list of goals I wrote and find two things they all have in common
Chapter 9. 10x Goals
Chapter 10 competition is for sissies
• Forward thinkers don't copy they don't compete they create they also don't look at what others have done
• Never make it your goal to compete instead do everything you can to dominate your sector in order to avoid spending your time chasing someone else
• The first step to dominate your competition is to decide to dominate
• Do what others refuse to do what they will not do
• Always be ethical but never play fair
• Find something they cannot do
• The rules norms and traditions of any group or industry are usually traps that prevent new ideas higher levels but greatness and domination
• Be the only one considered as a viable solution
• Be the number one position when googling terms related to your product or service
• Hone your specialty until it becomes your advantage do so to the point where you become the expert and leader in that area and dominated so incredibly that no one wants to attempt competing with you
• You don't have to be first in a space but you should be considered first in the space
• Your biggest problem is obscurity other people don't know you and aren't thinking about you
• 2 things happen when you take the right amount of action
• You will get a new set of problems
• Your competition will start promoting you
• Do what your competitors will not do
• Go will your competitors will not go
• Take your action to appoint consider it unreasonable by the world
• Instead of doing quote best practices on quote do quote only practice is on quote
• Dominate your sector with actions better immediate consistent and persistent in debt levels that no 1 else is willing to operate that would be okaydominate your sector with actions better immediate consistent and persistent in debt levels that no 1 else is willing to operate that would be okay
• What is the difference between dominating and competing
• This competition is healthy domination is blank
• What is the difference between best practices and only practices
• What are some practices you can do that would separate you from your competition and
Chapter 11 breaking out of the middle class
chapter 12 obsession isn't a disease it's a gift
• To create a 10x reality you have to follow up every action with an obsession to see it through to success
• You cannot achieve greatness without being obsessed
• Become obsessed about the things you want otherwise you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn't get the life you wanted
• Make it your goal to be obsessed
• Once the obsessed for we do become successful there no longer is labeled as crazy but instead as geniuses exceptions to the rule and extraordinary
• Write down the names of three obsessed people who did something great
• Whats good thing do you need to be obsessed about 10
• Why is it better to be obsessed the knot
• What co would cause you to become obsessed
• Chapter 11 go all in and over commit
• All in like in poker except with your efforts creativity energy ideas and persistence
• Be a tortoise and a hare
• There is no failure unless you quit
• Overcommit and overdeliver
• If you aren't creating new problems you aren't taking enough action
• Commit first and figure out how to show up later
• Successful people look for problems to solve and others look to avoid them
• Overcommit, be all in, and take massive levels of action s, you will deliver at levels that will amaze even you
Chapter 13. Go “All In” and Overcommit
Chapter 14. Expand, never contact
Expand with the goal of dominating your sector
Chapter 15. Burn the place down
• It's easier to take massive actions when you're winning
• Keep adding woops to the fire
Chapter 16. Fear is the great indicator
• Fear is something you want to sell and embrace
• Fear is a sign that you're moving in the right direction
• Fear is false events appearing real
• Use this frequently avoided feeling as a green light to signal you what you should do
• The 10x rule compels you to separate from everyone else in the market
• Do what others refuse to do
• Fear is your indicator to go
• Fear just doesn't only two you what to do it tells you when to do it
• It's preferable to fail while doing something than to fail while someone by over preparing while someone else walks up and scoops up your dreams
• Fear is the sign to do whatever you fear and do it quickly
• Feeding fear with time makes it stronger
• What are your three biggest fears
• Whom do you fear contacting who could help you or improve your biz
Chapter 17. Myth of time management
• If success is your priority then do things that will create success
• How do u spend your time? Keep in a journal
• Imbalances occur because you don't do enough with the time you have
• The only way to increase time is to get more done with the time you have
• Sp , successful people, work at a pace that gets such satisfying results that work is a reward
• Be grateful to go to work, and see how much you can get done in the time you have, make it a race
• What is important to you?
• In which areas do you want to achieve success and in what quantities?
• Write down in order of importance
• Determine total time available
• Decide where you are going to allot time to each of these endeavors
• Log your time to see where uv waste time
• What wastes your time
• What habits and activities don't contribute to your success
• If you don't manage your time you will waste it
• Start with a commitment to success, and then agree to control time, you will create an agenda that accommodate s all that you want
• You must control time to dominate your marketplace
• Get everyone to agree wh at are your priorities
• Take it slow is bad advice, it creates laziness, procrastination, blaming others...
• What have you decided is success for you
• How much time do you spend on wasteful activities
• What are some of your time wasters
Chapter 18. Criticism is a sign off success
• Is the result of getting attn
• Success isn't a popularity contest it's your duty
Chapter 19. Customer satisfaction is the wrong target
• Pay ATTN to commanding attention and generating customers before you worry about making them happy
• Be most worried about non customer satisfaction
• Seek out clients who are qualified to do business with you, then attend to them until they agree to hire you
• Most people fail because they don't get enough customers
• Customer acquisition over customer satisfaction
• Why didn't I acquire a customer
• It's a mistake to be scared of complaints
• Instead encourage them look for them find them and then resolve them
• When building a business your primary target is not customer satisfaction yet its acquisition referral and loyalty
• Serving the people you do not acquire
• How long were you here
• Did you meet a manager
• Where you shown optional products
• Where you're presented with a proposal
• Did anyone offer to bring the product to your home office
• As customers decided not to purchase for feedback on the experience
• Did you help them with their decision making process
• Did they meet you enthusiastically
• Did you offer to solve their problems
• Did you call them back
• Companies fail not because they offend customers but because they don't take enough action to make these individuals customers in the first place
• Survey the people who don't buy from you
Chapter 20. Omnipresence
• Being everywhere in all places at all times
• Once you match your mind set with the right purpose you will start taking 10 x actions
Chapter 21. Excuses
• An excuse is a justification for doing or not doing something
• Excuses are never the reason for why you did or didn't do something they're just a revision of the facts that you make up in order to help yourself feel better about what happened ir didn't
• Which excuses do you use on a regular basis
• Excuses never improve your situation
• Create a one minute pitch
• Successful people don't make excuses
• Nothing happens to you it happens because of you
• No excuse exists that will make you successful
• Solutions overcome excuses
• Being rare makes something valuable
• Plentiful= low worth
• Never use excuses for anything
• Why didn't something come to fruition without excuses
• If it is to be it's up to me
Chapter 22. Successful or unsuccessful
1. Can do attitude.
2. Believe that I will figure it out, not I don't know
• "Great question," instead of "I don't know"
3. Focus on opportunity
• Success is overcoming a challenge
4. Love challenges
• Winning in life is vital
5. Seek to solve problems
6. Persist until successful
7. Take risks
• The successful are willing to take gambles
8. Be unreasonable
9. Be dangerous
10. Create wealth
11. Readily task action
• Action is a habit that must be developed
12. Always say yes
13. Habitually commit
• Devoting yourself to something all the way means that there no backing out
• Like jumping into water once you decide to go for it there s no backing out
• Fully commit
14. Go all the way
15. Focus on “now”
• Unsuccessful spend most of their time in the past
• USP (unsuccessful people) use any excuse to put off tasks they should be completing immediately
• Am I procrastinating? On what
• Quit thinking, calculating, and procrastinating and make a habit o of acting now
16. Demonstrate courage
• Face dangerous situations in spite of fear
• Courage comes from action
• Doing things that scare you creates courage
17. Embrace change
• Look for ways to improve what you are doing
18. Determine and take the right approach
19. Break traditional ideas
20. Be goal oriented
• Pay more ATTN to the target than three problem
• What goal achievement is vital to your success
• Focus on bigger picture and task you're trying to accomplish
21. Be on a mission
• Approach each activity with attitude that this could change the world
• What is the massive target that I want to achieve
• Start approaching your job as if you're on a mission
22. Have a high level of motivation
23. Be interested in results
• Don't value effort value results
• Results are all that matter
24. Have big goals and dreams
25. Create your own reality
26. Commit first figure out later
27. Be highly ethical
28. Be interested in the group
29. Be dedicated to continuous learning
30. Be uncomfortable
• Are your daily habits furthering your mission
31. Reach up in relationships
• Black belts don't learn new skills from white belts
• What do you do best
• What do you need to work more on
32. Be disciplined
Chapter 23. Getting started with 10x
• Focus to some degree on now but keep most of your attention on the future you desire to create
• Act now and then keep acting with the knowledge that enough actions taken now will create the future
• Whatever or whoever drives you go get it now and quit being reasonable with yourself
• Make your initial list of goals then a list of actions that will propel you in that direction
• Then without overthinking it start taking those actions
• Do not reduce your goals as you write them
• Do not get lost in the details of how to accomplish them at this point
• Ask yourself what actions can I take today to move me towards these goals
• Take whatever actions you come up with regardless of what they are or how you feel
• Do not premature Lee value the outcome of your actions
• Go back each day and review the list
• The vocabulary and mindset of average people is always the same be careful play it safe don't be impractical success isn't everything be satisfied with what you have
• Is the person you're talking to average
• You want people support and going for it and let them know that you would rather commit to your dreams and goals and be disappointed than never commit and be disappointed
• Become the person who people think of first when they consider what do you offer Excel training
• What do I have to do to become the name people think of when it comes to the topic of Excel training
• The goal has to be more valuable than the risk or you have determined the wrong target
• Keep your eye on the target regardless of the challenge
• Commit first figure out the rest later
• Most fears are completely unfounded
• Commit first figure out the rest later
• Your only real problem is obscurity
• Small summary of actions have a can do attitude believe that you will be successful show up commit first figure the rest later do it now not later go all go in all the way be courageous do what you fear stay focused on the target and be willing to be uncomfortable
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