Listi Notes

1./r - Renumber list
2./t <text> - Add to top of list
3.- no parameter changes to Add to Top
4.i<n> - import to item n
5.Public Lists can be viewed by anyone
6.Enter - type item and press enter to add
7.Lists can have sub-lists and sub-lists can have sub-sub-lists...
8.Left Nav are the links on left that allow you to (add New list, Change item, Delete, Move up or down or top, track)
9.Define Shortcuts - sc,<shortcut>,<action>
10.<data> enclosed in <...> will be hidden, but can be searched, useful for labeling
11.c<n> - ex. c3 will change item 3 in list
12. /s <text> - search listi for text
13.n<number> - Creates a sub-list for item n
14.<f:text> in comment section of list can create a filter on the text
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