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1.ALED - A Little Each Day
2.API - Application Programming Interface. This allows you to use software like Twitter through Excel commands.
3.BP - Blood Pressure
4.BS - Blood Sugar
5.BPC - Bulletproof Coffee™
6.BTM - Build then Market
7.B2A - Book to Action
8.CCP - Central Clearing Counterparty
9.DAMAGE - Don't Ask Me Ask Google Everything
10.DC - Dale Carnegie
11.HR - Heart Rate
12.FTAD - Finish Then Add Details
13.I2$ - Idea to Money
14.IP - Intellectual Property - Patents, copyrights, methods or code that only you own
15.MIG - Most Important Goal
16. MIT - Most Important Task
17.MTB - Market Then Build
18.MYOB - MY Own Business
19.PE - Potential Exposure
20.OOS - Odds Of Success
21.PET - Planning, Estimating and Tracking
22.POS - Product Or Service
23.PURGE - Prioritize yoUR Goals Everyday
24.SOY COZ - Step Outside Your COmfort Zone
25.SUGAR - Shoot yoU Get A Rebound
26.W@W - Work At Work
27.$ - Money
28.< - Less
29.WOAD - Wisdom of a Dad
30.> - More
31.! - Bang
32.L8, Gr8, H8 - Late, Great, Hate
33.2 - to
34.4 - for
35.8 - ate
36.5WH - Who, What, Where, Why, When & How
37.@ -- At
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