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Ramit Sethi

1.Podcast with Tim Ferriss
2.Started a personal blog in college
3.Journey to find out how money worked
4.Experts would say keep a budget, stop latte's nobody was listening
5.Use persuasion techniques to help people change behavior
6.Taught 1 hour classes at school on How to be rich
7.Help people lead a rich life
8.Personal finance is interesting but not his life passion, does love psychology
9.After class didn't work started a blog
10.Didn't make a cent for 3 years
11.Psychological barriers around selling
12.Nobody read posts for first 6 months
13.2 or 3 pivotal monents
14.Didn't want people to think site IJWTMUR to make $
15.Write best material for people like him
16.Emailed wall st journal
17.Need someone to relate to young audience and I'll do it for free
18.Blessed with persistance
19.Emailed monthly with update
20.Go call from Journal to do an article
21.Staying in the game a little longer than others
22.Getting lot of readers and tried to sell something
23.Ramit's 2007 Guide to Kicking Ass
24.Low Self esteem about buying it. $4.95
25.Apologized in blog post, know you can find for free online
26.30 pgs.
27.People called him a sell-out, after doing it for free for 3 years
28.Few vocal complainers but 100s buying it
29.What's said on the surface is different from reality
30.Book came out in 2009
31.Writing book is worst possible thing to do
32.Putting out a lot of free stuff
33.TF: If you face criticism and you will, b4 responding do I want to poor gasoline on the fire
34.Took 3 yrs. from 1st sale to be comfy selling
35.Vision, brand, book, product
36.Comments "I hate you","Go back to India"
37.Learned master psych of learning how to handle critics
38.More exposure more critics
39.Freeloader comments
41.TF: 1.5 mm visitors per month
42.TF: Assume that gen pop mirrors internet population. 1 out of 1000 crazy
43.TF: Large audience 1 of 1000 is insane
44.Sometimes audience complaints are valid
45.Listen to critics and decide
46.TF: 1st 1000 die hard fans
48.TF: Cultivate your 1000 - 2000 true fans
49.TF: write the way you speak
50.TF: Blog was atrocious
51.TF: Tipping point. controversial Article made front page of digg
53.TF: Guest post on gigaohm. Spent time on article as on ny times article
54.Do a joke review from blog
55.Ask woman, people from other countries
56.Sales pages can be 70 pages long
57.Interned with Seth Godin
58.Seth Got emails with best stories
59.Hard to be the best but easy to stay there
60.What can I do to become the best?
61.Posts are very long 15 - 25 pgs.
62.Guest posting search for his post Link
63.Took 20 - 25 hours to write
65.Hacking Kickstarter
66.TF: A single blog post
67.TF: Do hard thinking than 100 bs articles
68.TF: Develop relationships
69.TF: 2 -5 world class guest posts
70.3 - 4 posts changed everything for Ramit
71.Early days was personal finance
72.Everyone has money and problems
73.Wrote controversial post on weddings 28,000 question why we are hypocrites about weddings
74.Tactical sliver of a bigger discussion
75.34 lbs of muscles from Freak to Geek instead of "How to build a healthy lifestyle"
76.If you can come up with a sliver you can reach

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