Questions on Islam to ask Muslims

1.Can you question the Quran? (surah 5:101-102)
2.What happens when you die if you are not a Muslim?
3.So, what if you were born a christian and were taught Christian laws would you go to heaven?
4.Should Sharia law be adopted in your country?
5.What should the punishment be for homosexuality?
6.What should the punishment be for descrating the Quran?
7.What should the punishment be for drawing cartoons of Muhammed?
8.How many Muslim controlled countries are there and why don't you live there?
9.Should non-muslims have the same rights as Muslims?
10.Are Christians and Jews harassed in all countries where Muslims are in control?
12.Is the Quran the word of God?
13.What motivates terrorists?
14.How much violence or incidents again Muslims is a backlash from violence perpetrated by Muslims
15.Is criticizing Islam hate speech?
16.Would you rather live in Israel or under ISIS?
17.What proof do you have that the Quran is the word of God aka Allah
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