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How to fail at Almost Everything and still Win Big (H2F@E&SWB)

1.x factor
2.Predicting Success
3.Ideas have no value on Execution of ideas
4.James Altucher Podcast
5.Ch. 3 Passion is Bullshit
6.Passion is overrated
7.Ch. 6 Goals vs. Systems
8.Trump's Talent Stack
9.Ch. 21 The Math of Success
11.13 Skills to have
12.Public Speaking
13.Business Writing
14.Ch. 22 Pattern Recognition
15.Ch 23. Humor
16.Ch. 24 Affirmations
17.Ch 25. Timing is Luck Too
18.Ch. 30 Happiness
19.Ch. 31 Diet
20.Food is mood

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