Sam Harris - Eric Weinstein podcast

While listening to Sam Harris' podcast with Eric Weinstien

long-short positions

rent seeking - profit without producing.

rhyming rings true

4 levels
1. honed statement links to
2. paragraph which links to
3. essay which links to
4. book

fare-thee-well - perfection
Jihadi Sandbox - Islam and the misuses of ecstasy

4 Quandrant Model
straw man -

Steel man - opposite of straw man. In a debate summarize an opponents view that he wouldn't find fault with and then take down this argument.

poetry of rumi

call to prayer

kawali music Nuraf fatali kahn

NP Complete Problem - computational requirements of checking a list for logical contradictions. As you add propositions the run time for a computer the size of the universe after 15 billion years you would be fight to add the 300th belief to the system.

canonicity -


folly a deau
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