Persuasion Reading List

Scott Adams has created a persuasion reading list and below is the one I came up with:

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1.Influence - Robert Cialdini
2.Pre-suasion - Robert Cialdini
3. The Science of influence - Kevin Hogan
4.Persuasion - The Art of Influencing People - James Borg
5.How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams
6.The Persuasion Slide - Roger Dooley
7.How to Get People to Do Stuff - Susan Weinschenk
8.Speak Ericksonian - Richard Nongard
9.Scott Adams Blog
10.The Secret Language of Influence - Dan Seidman
11.Positive Words, Powerful Results - Hal Urban
12.How to Hypnotise Anyone - The Rogue Hypnotist
13.The World's Most Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques - Lou Larsen
14.One Sentence Persuasion Course - Blair Warren
15.HBR Guide to Better Business Writing - Bryan Garner
16.The Art of the Deal - Donald Trump
17.The Game - Neil Strauss
18.Made To Stick - Chip and Dan Heath
19.48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene
20.Little Green Book of Getting your Way - Gitomer
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