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56 Reasons I Love Microsoft Excel

1.Helped me lose weight via
2. Automating tasks at work
3.Tracking time, alarms and to-do list via
4.Generating multiple PowerPoint > 40 Slide Decks for reporting to the Fed, SEC and other govt agencies
5.Deciding what to do right now
6.Excel taught me to create dynamic websites like using ASP which is a form of VBA
7.Helped me get 68,000 followers on twitter using
8.Helps me get over a six-figure salary and earn more than a million dollars in the last decade
9.To be creative
10.To help make decisions
11.Built websites such as
12.Helps predict the future
13.Track employees activity at work
14.Track my time at work
15.Estimate how not to use too many miles on my car lease
16. Excel Helped me to beat the stock market via
17.Delete Spam
18.Helped me write a book Wisdom of a Dad
19. Send me delayed emails
20.Helped with accounting for my business
21.Query Database and work and create complex reports
22.Reconcile data
23.Quickly store and access information
24.Automate tasks using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) including the Macro recorder
25.Uploaded data to the internet via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
26.Monitor what software I'm using and for how long
27.Create shortcuts to get information quickly
28.Created Auto-sort glossaries
29.Storing notes from books I read
30.Tweeting to twitter
31.Baseball Simulator
32. Create an Infographic using Excel
33.Send emails from Excel
34.Check if library books are due and when
35.Data Collection
36.Test stock market strategies
37.Select random meals to eat based on the food I have and calculate the calories - tool that helps me exercise
39.Tool to find out what is using up space in an Excel spreadsheet
40.Be prompted every 20 minutes to enter what I ate, what I did, how I feel
41.Chart my blood sugar and select a finger to prick
42.Track ideas I have
43.Create a list of techniques to persuade
44.Tracking my bosses unwritten rules
45.Take book notes
46.Taking Daily Affirmations
47.Help build an Excel Class
48.Organized my books
49.Test Plans
50.Finding/Removing Duplicate information
51.Brute Force Statistics problems
52.Created website data using Excel
53.Creates SQL Statements to insert data to SQL Server
54.Creating a table of contents sheet using Excel VBA
55. Smart Random Selection
56.Get number of times words are used
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