Media Bias

1.Reuters Headline, Palestinian Shot by Israeli Solder
2.60 Minutes, Leslie Stall interview of Benjamin Netenyahu - Reporter has very anti-Trump tweets
4.Media on Donald Trump's Mexican Comment
5.Tucker Carlson interviewing "journalist" Kurt Eichenwald
6.Fake News narrative to suppress free speech
7.Bernie Goldberg's book Bias
8. Twitter
11. Russia Caused the US Election to go to Trump
13.Fox News
14.Steve Bannon is Anti-semetic
15.Comedians on TV (Daily Show, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart)
16.Stefan Molyneux on Media Bias
17.Mike Cernovich on Media Bias
18.Scott Adams on Media Bias
19.New York Times
20.Huffington Post
21.WMD's in Iraq
22.Liberal bent at College and in Journalism
23. The Untruth about Donald Trump
24.More Untruth About Donald Trump
25.Even More Untruth About Donald Trump
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