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Knowledge Acquisition

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1.Trial and Error - Learned to swim
2.Curiosity - Learned to take things apart
3.Trial and Error - Learned to fix bicycles
4.Learned how to teach - High School - Gym Teacher breaks down steps of a dismount
5.Book - Learned that there are techniques to improve memory
6.Figure it out - Learned to juggle with socks
7.How to Learn - Learning to Juggle
8.College Course - Learned Fortran in college
9.Course - Learned Flowcharts
10.Debugging without a debugger
11.College Course - Learned Debugging
12.Book - Learned Atari Basic programming Language
13.College Course - SQL (Structured Query Language)
14.Trial and Error - Learned Windows
15.Learned Shortcuts - Instinet - Kenny Eng
16.Learned Spreadsheets
17.Learn Excel
18.Debugging with a debugger
19.Learned FoxPro
20.Learn PowerPoint (PPT)
21.Learn VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
22.Built Software Product Learned Visual Basic
23.Google Control PowerPoint with Excel VBA
24.Excel VBA Object Browser
25.Start Small - Keep adding to your creation
26.Office Ribbon
27.Office Quick Access Toolbar
28.Excel - How to Align Form Buttons
29.Time and Determination - Report Engine (Software Product) Bug
30.Process of Elimination - Excel Data Connections Warning
31. Google - How to access active PPT from VBA
32.Luck - How to determine color of something
33.Excel Macro Recorder
34.Excel Object Browser
35.Learn by task at work
36.Productivity via Deadline
37.Learn because there's no help
38.Problem - Build a solution
39.Learn by Reverse Engineering - How Scott Adams, Stefan Molyneux Persuade
40.Learn from co-worker - Embedded Charts and tables in PowerPoint
41.Learned by Inspection - HTML via source code and Book
42.Learning Failure from too much help
43. Get Active PPT
44.Learned VB (Visual Basic)
45.Learned ASP
46.Learning Failure - Learning Mstr (Microstrategy)
47. Try Something Different - Google Failure - Searching for Larry David singing Dreidel, Dreidel Dreidel I made it out of clay
48.Controlling Software - Embedding Youtube Videos and starting at a certain point
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