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History of has its origins from the 1980's. My first job out of college I worked at a company called Advanced Computer Techniques. I had to track my time to the hour and report on it weekly to management so that they could bill the client.

Mondays would be status report time. I hated doing it. I worked extremely hard, probably 60 hours a week, but couldn't remember what I did. I wanted software that could effortlessly track my time then create the status report.

I called this software InContrl, because it had to be 8 characters max. Later I used the name PET, (Planning, Estimating and Tracking).  The software was written in FoxPro and was pretty cool.

Afterwards, I ported the software to VB3 (Visual Basic) while I was between jobs. I started building a List function which would allow the creation of lists to help track my time. I called it List Maker.

In 2010 I started working with ASP (Active Server Pages). The first project I worked on was porting List Maker to the internet. I looked for domains and was available.
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