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What are Shortcuts?

If there were 2 ways to get home from work and one took 2 hours and the other was a shortcut that took 30 minutes, you'd probably take the shortcut. The only time you wouldn't take the shortcut was if there was some risk involved.

In shortcuts are a little bit harder to use, but once you're use them you'll see that they are worth the effort.  I keep a number of lists in that I access frequently, (Ideas, Favorite Songs, SQL, Problems, Things I like and things I hate).

If I had to find the list and move around by the time I got to my list I would have forgotten what I was looking for. In, you define your own shortcuts. I've defined the following:
  • i - ideas
  • gs - great songs
  • sql - SQL
  • pr - Problems
  • like - Things I like
  • hate - Things I hate
  • g - Google
  • a -
  • gd - Generational Dynamics
  • w - allows me to enter my daily weight

    If I have an idea I want to save to my "idea list", I just need to enter the letter "i" in the input box and then add the new task to the list.
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