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Problem Acceptance

One of the keys to solving problems is "Accepting the Problem." Many software developers will have trouble solving problems due to this. If you don't accept the problem then how can you possibly solve it.

I'm not sure why people suffer from this, but they have a belief that they can't make mistakes so it can't be their problem. When you hear things like "It's impossible," or "It's supposed to work" or "I can't ...", you know there will be difficulties solving this problem. Once you accept the problem, you can try to figure out why it's occurring and you are on your way to solving it.

As a software developer, once you see what the problem is, it's usually very obvious. I recently had a problem where my software was caching web pages and I just added code to do it automatically. The code wasn't working. It did piss me off because it seemed impossible. But I looked and figured out that I was fixing the code on my computer and uploading the fix to the wrong directory on the website.

One of my favorite sayings is "I'm smart enough to know that I'm not that smart."  This does remind me to accept the problem.
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