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Not just starring at the puck

This basically means you need to look around and see what else is going on without putting blinders on.

When you play ice hockey it's very common for hockey players to stare at the puck.

There are 3 situation where this is bad:
1. While stick handling
2. While playing defense
3. While trying to check someone

Stick handling

When you stick handle you need to keep your head up so as not to get checked and to see what you should do with the puck, stick handle, pass or dump puck. If you stare at the puck you could get hurt or lose games.


Many players stare at the puck while on defense epeicially when puck is behind the net. You always need to look around to detect opposing players in a scoring position and guard them. If you don't look for them, the other team will score many goals.

I believe part of this is due to a loss of peripheral vision from hockey helmets and cages.


When checking someone, if you stare at the puck the opposing player is likely to beat you. Best place to look is at their chest. You should still be able to see the puck but won't be fooled by head fakes or movements of the puck with their stick.
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