10 of 67 Rude Things People Do

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This is just the start of a list of the rude things people do. Please add a comment if I missed any.

The main categories are noises, smells, crowding and blocking.

Remember that courtesy is contagious. Be nice to people and it will come back to you.

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Someone takes a dump and doesn't flush it
Spitting gum into a urinal
Pissing on toilet seat because they didn't lift it
Using up the last roll of toilet paper or last soap and not restocking it for next person
Not doing a courtesy flush in the rest room
Put their food in bathroom sink and don't clean it out
Lining the toilet seat with paper and leaving it on the seat for you to dispose of
Using cell phone in public bathroom
Person uses bathroom on train but doesn't close door after leaving it
Many empty urinals and person goes to urinal right next to you
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