11 of 67 Rude Things People Do

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This is just the start of a list of the rude things people do. Please add a comment if I missed any.

The main categories are noises, smells, crowding and blocking.

Remember that courtesy is contagious. Be nice to people and it will come back to you.

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Park their car in two spots
You're getting on the highway and they're getting off so they cut in front of you instead of letting you get on
Drive too slow in the fast lane
Double park their car so you can't get out
Park their car in your driveway
Cars rolling into the crosswalk while the light is still red so they get to where they're going
Not being outside at their school bus stop so you have to wait for them to get on the bus while in your car
Carrying a beach size umbrella in NYC in the rain
Driver leaves there car running near you so you have to breath in the carbon monoxide
While dropping people off at movie theater driver comes on wrong side of road and shines their brights at you
Person waits in their parked car while you wait for them to pull out
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