6 of 67 Rude Things People Do

(Clear Filter = *space invader*)
This is just the start of a list of the rude things people do. Please add a comment if I missed any.

The main categories are noises, smells, crowding and blocking.

Remember that courtesy is contagious. Be nice to people and it will come back to you.

bathroom | train | noise | odor | cell phone | time | blocking | car | space invader | office | germs | dog | polite
Sitting on an empty beach and a group of people come and sit 2 feet away from you
Refuse to move their bag on a seat of a crowded train so you have to stand
Hit you with their bag while walking through the train
Sitting at an empty movie theater right in front of someone else
Carrying a beach size umbrella in NYC in the rain
Many empty urinals and person goes to urinal right next to you
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