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Meaningful Marketing - Doug Hall

1. 13 Virtues of Meaningful Marketing
2.Honestly communicating to customers exactly how your offering will make a genuine difference in their lives
3.Mindless Marketing - is about sales trickery, massive ad campaigns or endless price chgs to mk customers purchase
4.Sales and Marketing are about communicating the story of the great product or service you deliver
5.Every act of creation is first an act of distruction - #quote Picasso
6.Be honest
7.Focus on the acquisition of new customers which is the key driver of long-term growth
8.What will your customer's receive, enjoy and experience as a result of committing their hard earned money
9.Customers are totally overwhelmed
10.What you say is more important than where you say it
11.To steal your competitor's loyal customers you have to think big and offer big and bold meaningful benefit difference
12.Your Meaningful Difference is your primary marketing message and also the mission of your company
13.Srully Blotnick study 1245 students focused on mking $, 255 on persuing meaningfulness. 20 yrs 101 millionaires, 1 from 1st group 100 from 2nd
14.From the Roman empire, railroads, big 3 auto producers, monopolies eventually crumble as more Meaningful solutions are invented
15.Mindless Marketing uses manipulative tricks, peer pressure, artificial scarcity & psychological games to get customers to purchase
16.Competing on price can work but once price goes up the sales go down
17.A large price differential can be successful in breaking the trance of custs who r mindlessly purchasing competitions pos
18.Most new products fail because they are not new enough - David Ogilvy
19.Customers give you money in exchange for your offering
20. 32 Data proven Truths
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