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How Works

Once you sign up for and sign in, you'll see your user id and a text box

This is your top level list and is private only to you.

You type items into the box and press add and the item gets added to your list.

Say you have a list of 5 items

John's Lists
1. Todo List
2. Phone Numbers
3. Web Content
4. Problems to track operates as lists of lists. Any item can then be turned into a list, by checking it and pressing "View or Create List" link.

So if you check Todo List press this link you'll open a new list

Todo List

You can type into the text box add to the list

Todo List
1. Go to store
2. Get Gas
3. Buy Milk

Since you are in Beginner mode you can't make the content Public so anyone on the internet can view it.

You can change or delete any items in your list by clicking the checkbox and pressing the link on top.

When you add a list to an item it will be turned into a link. You can click the link at any time to view the contents of the list.

Currently, the system only allows you to change or delete one item at a time. To perform more complex actions you need to access more advanced features of press the "Advanced" link on the left hand side.

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