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What to focus on list >

Super Productivity🔝

What is productivity?

Finding ways to do more in less time for less cost and increased quality
Reducing non-productive tasks

Super productivity is productivity on steriods. It's being 10 - 100 times more productive than others and delivering higher productivity.
  • 80/20
  • Parkinson's law
  • Automation/Tools
  • Outsourcing
  • Solve problems once and fix root causes
  • Share knowledge
  • 1. Unproductive
    3.Super Productive
    4. Low Productivity
    5.WTD = What to do
    6.Time of day
    9.Goals ($LF)
    14.Why doing this?
    15.What's > important
    16.David Allen (GTD) - Get Things Done
    17.Work Less, Make More
    20.Personal vs. Group
    21.What is super productivity
    22.Reducing employee count
    23.More work per employee
    24.How to measure?
    25.Tool creation and usage
    26.Automation of the automaters
    27.Finishing (FTAD)
    28.< time, Quality same
    29.< time, < quality
    30.< time < features
    31.< time solving problems
    32.< time Learning
    33.< time creating
    34.< time testing
    35.Change is hard
    36.Why do you want to change
    37.Effectiveness vs efficiency
    39.Timebox tasks
    40.Shortcut keys
    41.Group productivity
    43.Task switching
    44.Why be super productive
    45.Who is super productive
    46.How to measure SP
    47.Reduce number of steps in a process
    48.Reduce boredom improve excitement
    50.80 20 principle
    51.Books on productivity
    52.Productivity and quality
    53.Productivity gurus
    54.Tim ferriss
    55.Deming , quality
    56.Cutting costs
    57.Small tasks before large
    58.Deadline tasks
    59.Hi priority before low priority
    61.Negative productivity
    9999999.The Organized Executive
    10000000.Four Seconds
    10000001.Triple your Reading Speed
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