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Get Ahead at #Work on the #Job by Gaming the System

I believe that successful people know how to game the system and aren't shy about doing it.

Tim Ferriss in his great book "The 4 Hour Work Week" describes a situation where he bent the rules to win a kickboxing championship in China.  

He read the rules and learned two things that he used to his advantage:
  • Weigh-ins were a day before a fight
  • You could win a match by pushing the other fighter out of the circle

    So he used dehydration techniques to lose 30 pounds during the weigh-in and gained the weight back by rehydrating. He then proceeded to push the lighter fighters off the ring.

    At my current job we get a performance rating each year that relates to our bonus and raise. There are 3 ratings, Exceeds Performance, Normal Perfomance and Needs Improvement. Managers can only give 20% of their staff the Exceeds Performance rating. So my best strategy would be to always hire co-workers that aren't as good as I am and to never help anyone that could get a higher rating than I.

    I haven't been as successful at work as I'd like, because I haven't been able to get myself to do these kinds of things.

    I know of a lawyer in my town who must bill 175 hours a month for his law firm. He works very hard on weekends, but is usually the only person working. There are other lawyers who work at the same firm that bill more hours than him yet are never seen on the weekend. These other lawyers have learned to game the system.

    I do believe that successful people aren't afraid to game the system.
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