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Shortcuts (18)

1.Alt+T+Enter - Go to top
2.Alt+U+Enter - Go Up one level
3.Alt+O+Enter - Go to Options
4.Alt+R+Enter - Select a random item on list
5.Alt+L+Enter - Toggle show hide links
6.Alt+I+Enter - Import data to active list
7.Alt+E+Enter - Export data from Listi
8.Enter - on input bar it adds data to the list
9.Enter - when at bottom of page it brings you back to top
10.Search = enter "/s " followed by search string
11.Renumber the items = /renum
12.When adding shortcut leave off domain if within this site
13. /m <from_line> to <to_line> - to move fromLine ToLine
14. /m <line #> into <<line #> - to move a line into another line
15.Use /t to add the item to the top of the list
16.To search quickly enter /s search text convert twitter to a hyperlink version enter twitter<
18.To quickly add a hyperlink to a list enter text,link

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