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1.Call to action
2.Compelling benefits
3.fascinating bullet points
4.magnetic headlines that gets attn immediately
5.Do > of what ur good @ & < of wht u h8
6.wht is ur powerful msg?
7.commuicate how fantastic ur pos is to ur customers
8.the > u tell t > u sell
9.content marketing
10.converting fans to cust
11.SEO copywriting
12.go from features to benefits
13.what does ur cust care abt? is it under ur radar?
14.what's ur winning difference?
15.well-structured content that conveys your authority
16.gets to the point without a lot of fluff or verbal clutter
17.customer-focused copy that clearly conveys valued benefits
18. know the difference between your and you’re
20.subtle shades of meaning
21.copy structure
22. grammar and usage
23.Clunky, error-filled writing is a serious credibility killer
24.who is the customer you want to reach?
25.wht r the little details that will make your copy more interesting?

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