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1.Heartbreaker - Grand Funk (youtube)
2.Kiss of death - New Order (link)
3.Fool on the Hill - Beatles (youtube)
4.Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Devo (youtube)
5.Bizzare Love Triangle - New Order (youtube) "Every time I see you falling"
6.Free Love - Depeche Mode (youtube)
7.Inside Looking Out - Grand Funk (video)
8.Blasphamous Rumors - Depeche Mode (youtube)
9.I am the Walrus - Beatles (youtube)
10.I'm not Growing Old - Origin (youtube)
11.Useless - Depeche Mode (youtube)
12. Let Me Go - Heaven 17
13.Mr. Disco - New Order "I can't find my peace of mind" (youtube)
14.She's Leaving Home - Beatles (youtube)
15. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
16.Bird Song - Lene Lovich (youtube)
17.I'm a Loser - Beatles (youtube)
18.The Bed's Too Big Without You - The Police (video)
19.The Spirit of JFK - Devo (youtube)
20.People are People - Depeche Mode (youtube)
21.Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix (youtube)
22.Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan (youtube)
23. Love Song - The Cure
24.Wait in Vain - Bob Marley (video)
25.Cruel to be Kind by Nick Lowe (video)
26.Freebird - Leonard Skinner(video)
27.Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (youtube)
28.Tainted Love/Where did our Love Go? - Soft Cell (youtube)
29.He's a Whore - Cheap Trick (youtube)
30.Gimme Shelter - Grand Funk (youtube)
31.It's no Good - Depeche Mode (youtube)
32.Iron Man - Black Sabbath (youtube)
33.The Inner Light - Beatles (youtube)
34. Eleanor Rigby - Beatles
35.Auf Wiedersehen - Cheap Trick (youtube)
36.Happiness and Slavery - NIN - (Mind freak - Chris Angel's Theme) (youtube)
37.Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath (video)
38.Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin video
39.Blue Monday - New Order (youtube) "How does it feel"
40.War Pigs - Black Sabbath (youtube)
41.Paranoid - Grand Funk (youtube)
42.Where Has The Childhood Gone - Camouflage (video)
43.Downed - Cheap Trick (video)
44.Sex Dwarf - Soft Cell (youtube)
45.Loving You, Hating Me - Soft Cell
46.From a Million Miles - Single Gun Theory (video)
47. The Sensualist - Marc Almond
48.Everything Counts - Depeche Mode (youtube)
49.Let it Be - Beatles (video)
50.Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix link
51.I Feel Fine - Beatles (youtube)
52. Dream On - Aerosmith<.top.>
53.Monster - Steppenwolf (video)
54.Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf (video)
55.Dust in the Wind - Kansas(video)
56.I want you to want me - Cheap Trick - In Color (youtube)
57.I Ran - Flock of Seagulls(video)
58.Enter the Sandman - Metallica (video)
59.Suck my Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
60.Dear God - XTC (video)
61.Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode (youtube)
62.Savoy Truffle - Beatles (youtube)
63.Walking on the Moon - Police (video)
64.Making Plans for Nigel - XTC (video)
65.Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode (youtube)
66.Angie - Rolling Stones link
67.Long View - Green Day (youtube)
68. Dream On - Depeche Mode - Exciter (youtube)
69.Got This Thing on the Move - Grand Funk (youtube)>
70.Hollier than Thou - Metallica (video)
71.Vacation - Go Go's (video)
72.The Way - Fastball (video)
73.Secret Agent Man - Devo video
74.Smack my Bitch Up - The Prodigy(link)
75.Hot Love - Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (youtube)
76. Round & Round - New Order
77.Paint it Black - Rolling Stones (video)
78.War - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (video)
79.Forever Young - Alphaville(video)
80. Rock the Casbah - Clash
81.Mr. Self Destruct - 9 Inch Nails(video)
82. Roxanne - Police
83.Within Without You - Beatles (youtube)
84. Star - Erasure
85.Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood(video)
86.Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (video) Lyrics
87.Uncontrolable Urge - Devo (youtube)
88.Behind the Wheel - Depeche Mode (youtube)
89.Don't Stop Believing - Journey (video)
90.Wicked World - Black Sabbath (video)
91.I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats video
92.Paranoid - Black Sabbath (video)
93.I'll Be Back - Beatles (youtube)
94.Yesterday - Beatles (youtube)
95.The Promise - When in Rome(video)
96.White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane(video)
97.Mississippi Queen - Mountain(video)
98.Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix (video)
99.Soul Inside - Soft Cell (youtube)
100.Beautiful World - Devo (youtube)
101.I Confess - English Beat video
102.Crazy - Seal (video)
103.Whisper to a Scream - Icicle(video)
104.I Melt with You - Modern English video
105.Lucky Number - Lene Lovich (video)
106.Elo Kiddies - Cheap Trick (youtube)
107.In My Life - Beatles (youtube)
108.You - Candlebox(video)
109.Shattered - Rolling Stones (video)
110.Strawberry Fields Forever - Beatles (youtube)
111.A Day in a Life - Beatles (youtube)
112.Frustrated - Soft Cell (youtube)
113. 99 Luftballoons - Nene
114.Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf (video)
115.Peek-A-Boo! - Devo (youtube)
116.What's Good - Lou Reed (video)
117.Need Your Love - Cheap Trick (youtube)
118.Russians - Sting (video)
119.What's so Funny - Elvis Costello (video)
120.True Faith - New Order (Morning Sun)(video)
121.Round and Round - New Order "It's the picture you see.." (video)
122. Baby I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
123.Perfect Kiss - New Order (video)🔝
124. Small-town Boy - Jimmy Somerville
125.Don't You Want Me - Human League(video)
126.Bad Habit - The Offspring(video)
127.Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel video
128.Hangar 18 - Megadeth(video)🔝
129.This Charming Man - The Smiths (video)
130.How Soon is Now - The Smiths (video)
131.Come Back Johnny - Devo (youtube)
132.Rock Lobster - B-52's(video)
133.Sex - Berlin(video)
134. Little Toreador in the Rain - Marc Almond
135.Gut Feeling/Slap you Mammy - Devo (youtube)
136.Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath (video)
137.Winter in my Soul - Grand Funk (youtube)
138.I'm Your Captain - Grand Funk (youtube)
139.Paperback Writer - Beatles (youtube)
140.Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (video)
141.On Top of the World - Cheap Trick (youtube)
142.Theme from an Imaginary Western - Mountain video
143.Highway Star - Deep Purple video
144.Nantucket Sleigh ride - Mountain(video)
145.Theme From Adventures Of the Smart Patrol - Devo (youtube)
146.Tempted - Squeeze (video)
147.Black Coffee - Squeeze (video)
148.Annie Get your Gun - Squeeze (video)
149.If I didn't Love You - Squeeze (video)
150.Blockhead - Devo (youtube)
151. Mongoloid - Devo
152.Somebody - Depeche Mode (youtube)
153.White Room - Cream(video)
154.Long and Winding Road - Beatles (youtube)
155.Space Oddity- David Bowie(video)
156.Major Tom (Coming Home) - Peter Schilling (video)
157.Sailing - Christopher Cross(video)
158.Dreaming of Me - Depeche Mode (youtube)
159.Dear Prudence - Beatles (youtube)
160.Blackbird - Beatles (youtube)
161.For No One - Beatles (youtube)
162.Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney (youtube)
163.One More Time - Joe Jackson(video)
164.Great Commandment - Camouflage(video)
165.Subculture (One of these days) - New Order (video)
166.A Lover Spurned - Marc Almond (youtube)
167.The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunny men (video)
168. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
169.Pictures of You - The Cure(video)
170.Oh Yeah - Yello (video)
171.Passion is no Ordinary Word - Graham Parker and the Rumor video
172.Sa Plan Pu Moi - Rubber Bertram(video)
173.Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello(video)
174.A Question of Lust - Depeche Mode (youtube)
175.Rocky Raccoon - Beatles (youtube)
176.And I Love Her - Beatles (youtube)
177.Mother - Danzig (video)
178.Time - Culture Club (video)
179.I've Seen All Good People - Yes(video)
180.You Can't be too Strong - Graham Parker (video)
181.I Could have Lied - Red Hot Chili Peppers(video)
182.Mad World - Tears for Fears (video)
183.Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones (video)
184.Monster - Fred Schneider (youtube)
185.Lonely Place Alone - Origin (youtube)
186.Liberte - Gipsy Kings (youtube)
187.Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2 video
188. Another Nail for my Heart - Squeeze
189.Secret Satellite - Tasman Archer (video)
190.What's Up - 4 Non Blondes(video)
191.You're All Talk - Cheap Trick (youtube)
192.Love You To - Beatles (youtube)
193.Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf (video)
194.Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
195.Mr. B's Ballroom - Devo (youtube)
196.Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath (video)
197.Snowball - Devo (youtube)
198.Shell Shocked - New Order (video)
199.It's All Too Much - Beatles (youtube)
200.Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots (video)
201.It's Called a Heart - Depeche Mode (youtube)
202.Love Me Two Times - The Doors (video)
203.Halo - Depeche Mode (youtube)
204.Sloppy - Devo (youtube)
205.Relax - Frankie Goes too Hollywood video
206.Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel (video)
207.My Sharona - The Knack video
208.Going Under - Devo (youtube)
209.It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys (video)
210.All You Need is Love - Beatles (youtube)
211.West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys(video)
212.Neighbors - Camouflage(video)
213.But not Tonight - Depeche Mode (youtube)
214.Only the Moment - Marc Almond (youtube)
215.Something to Do - Depeche Mode (youtube)
216.Tears Run Rings - Marc Almond (video)
217.Time Has Come Today - Chambers Brothers(video)
218. Words Get Stuck in my Throat - Devo (Boogi Boy)
219.Reptile - The Church(video)
220.I've Never Seen Your Face - Marc Almond
221.The Desperate Hours - Marc Almond (youtube)
222.Loneliness - Grand Funk (youtube)
223.Unbelievable - EMF(video)
224.Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins (video)
225.Hello There - Cheap Trick (youtube)
226.Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones (video)
227.Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine (video)
228.One Caress - Depeche Mode (youtube)
229.Sooner or Later - English Beat video
230.Cold as Ice - Foreigner (video)
231.Anybody's Answer - Grand Funk (youtube)
232.Discovering Japan - Graham Parker(video)
233.Never Say Never - Romeo Void (video)
234.Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police(video)
235.Your Mother Should Know - Beatles (youtube)
236.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell (youtube)
237.A View to a Kill - Duran Duran video
238.Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull (video)
239.Aqualung - Jethro Tull (youtube)
240.Gates of Steel - Devo (youtube)
241.Foreplay/Long Time - Boston (video)
242.Underture - The Who (video)
243.Surrender - Single Gun Theory (video)
244.Protection - Graham Parker (video)
245.Wild Horses - Rolling Stones (video)
246. The Village - New Order (Oh our love is like the...)
247.Lovely Rita - Beatles (youtube)
248.Cruel Summer - Bananarama (video)
249.Is That Love - Squeeze (video)
250.All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix (video)
251.While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles (youtube)
252.Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash (video)
253.Upsetter - Grand Funk (youtube)
254.Hard Days Night - Beatles (youtube)
255.We're Through being Cool - Devo (youtube)
256.Satisfaction - Devo (youtube)
257.Trajedy - Bee Gees (link)
258.Summer in the City - Lovin Spoonful(video)
259.Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin(video)
260.Be Stiff - Devo (youtube)
261.The Sea Still Sings - Marc Almond (youtube)
262.Martin - Soft Cell (youtube)
263.The River - Marc Almond (youtube)
264.Working in the Coal Mine - Devo (youtube)
265.Vanishing Point - New Order (video)
266.1963 - New Order (video)
267.A Bit of Finger - Black Sabbath (video)
268.The Wizard - Black Sabbath (video)
269.Band of the Run - Wings video
270.The Night Before - Beatles (youtube)
271. Until the End of the World - U2
272.Wiggly World - Devo (youtube)
273.Jamming - Bob Marley (video)
274.Poison Arrow - ABC(video)
275.World in my Eyes - Depeche Mode (youtube)
276.The Beach - New Order (How does it feel) (video)
277.Secret Life - Soft Cell (youtube)
278.Warning - Black Sabbath (video)
279.I Feel Love - Bronskie Beat and Marc Almond (youtube)
280.Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath (video)
281.Mr. Self Destruct - NIN(video)
282.Memorabilia - Soft Cell (youtube)
283.Killer - Seal (video)
284.A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton(video)
285. Bedsitter - Soft Cell
286. Stand By Me - The Clash
287.Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears (video)
288.Inspiration - Gipsy Kings(video)
289.Don't Go - Yaz(video)
290.Jeremy - Perl Jam link
291.Power of Equality - Red Hot Chili Peppers (video)
292.Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees(video)
293.Last Train to Clarksville - The Monkees(video)
294.Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler(video)
295.No Reply - Beatles (youtube)
296.This Girl Tried to Kill Me (Explicit Lyrics) - Ice T(video)
297.Angels Over Teheran - Single Gun Theory
298.Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick (youtube)
299.Never Let me Down - Depeche Mode (youtube)
300.Insecure Me - Soft Cell youtube
301.When the Music's over - The Doors (video)
302.Heaven - Talking Heads (vdeo)
303.Hot and Nasty - Black Oak Arkansas(video)
304.Hot Rod - Black Oak Arkansas (video)
305.When Electricity came to Arkansas - Black Oak Arkansas (video)
306.Mutants of the Monster - Black Oak Arkansas video
307.Ring my Bell - Anita Ward
308.A Question of Time - Depeche Mode
309.Here is the House - Depeche Mode (link)
310.Ballad of TV Violence - Cheap Trick
311.Pinball Wizard - The Who(video)
312.Are We Not Men? - Devo (video)
313.Prayer for the Dying - Seal
314.Champagne - Marc Almond (youtube)
315.So Much Trouble in the World - Bob Marley and the Walers
316.Shadows in the Rain - Police
317. It's My Life - Talk Talk
318.Something - Beatles
319.Mellow Yellow - Donovan
320.Aimless Lady - Grand Funk
321.Clock Strikes 10 - Cheap Trick
322.Woodstock - Crosby, Stills, Nash
323.Look of Love - ABC (video)
324.One More Time - Joe Jackson
325.The Landscape is Changing - Depeche Mode
326.19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones (video)
327.King of Pain - Police (video)
328.Girl Talk - Elvis Costello
329.Sun King Medley - Beatles
330.Julia - Beatles
331.Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
332.Money for Nothing - Dire Straits (video)
333.Rockit - Herbie Hancock(link)
334.Regret - New Order
335.Sell my Soul - Midnight Oil
336.See You in September - Frankie Vale and the Four Seasons
337.Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - Beatles
338.If you Want My Love - Cheap Trick
339.Wish me Luck (Karamzov Mix) by Ofra Haza (video)
340.I'm Nin Alu by Ofra Haza (video)
341.Nowhere Man by The Beatles (youtube)
342.Death's Dore by Martin Gore
343.T.U.N.C by Grand Funk
344.Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix) - Depeche Mode
345.Manificent Seven - The Clash
346.Stories of Old - Depeche Mode
347.I Need You - Beatles (youtube)
348.Together Alone - Soft Cell (youtube)
349.The Art of Falling Apart - Soft Cell (youtube)
350.I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
351.I Come Tumbling - Grand Funk
352.Headstar - Depeche Mode
353.Diggin for Gold - Black Oak Arkansas
354.Never Come Down - Origin
355.Secret Garden - Depeche Mode
356.Big In Japan - Alphaville
357.Two minute warning - depeche mode
358.It Doesn't Matter II - Martin Gore (video)
359.Band on the Run - Wings (Paul McCartney)
360.Goodbye Girl - Squeeze
361.Moorea - Gipsy Kings
362.Died in Your Arms - Cutting Crew
363.Circle - Edie Brickell
364.Penneyroyal Tea - Nirvana
365.Nothing but Flowers - Talking Heads
366.Fly on the Windscreen - Depeche Mode
367.Something's Got a Hold of my Heart - Marc Almond (youtube)
368.Oh Candy - Cheap Trick
369.Set Them Free - Sting
370.Overture - It's a Boy - The Who
371.Anna Ng - They Might Be Giants
372.Lie to Me - Depeche Mode
373.Vaudeville and Burlesque - Marc Almond
374.Dumb - Nirvana
375.Youth - Soft Cell (youtube)
376.Drama! - Erasure
377.Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodo (video)
378.My Little Book of Sorrows - Marc Almond (youtube)
379.Send me an Angel - Real Life (video)
380.Fall - Single Gun Theory (video)
381.Frankenstein - Edgar Winters - 1973
382.American Band - Grand Funk - 1974
383.Babe - Styx - 1979
384.Down Under - Men at Work - 1983
385.Clocks - Coldplay (youtube)
386.Hold Me - Thompson Twins (video)
387.If you Leave - OMD (vdeo)
388.Paradise City - Guns N' Roses(video)
389.Give It Away - Red Hot Chile Peppers (youtube)
390.Polaris - Megadeth (youtube)
391.Medley-Narcisus-Gloomy Sunday Vision - Marc and the Mambas
392.Waifs and Strays - Marc Almond (youtube)
393. Shining Brightly - Marc Almond
394.Stripped - Depeche Mode
395.Pimpf - Depeche Mode
396.Duende - Gipsy Kings
397.We can work it out - Beatles link
398.Rain - Beatles
399.Lady Madonna - Beatles (youtube)
400.Across the Universe - Beatles (youtube)
401.Oh L'amour - Erasure
402.Blue Jay Way - Beatles
403.Need you Tonight - INXS
404.Waiting for the Night - Depeche Mode
405.Hey Jude - Beatles
406.Only When I Lose Myself - Depeche Mode
407.One Thing Leads to Another - The Fixx
408.Step it up - Stereo MC's
409.It's only Love - Beatles
410.Happy Together - Turtles
411.The Sea Says - Marc Almond (youtube)
412.Breathe - The Progidy
413.Love Without Anger - Devo
414.Piggies - Beatles
415.Turn, turn turn - Byrds (youtube)
416.Sacred - Depeche Mode
417.Your Kisses Burn - Marc Almond and Nico (youtube)
418.Stars We Are - Mac Almond (youtube)
419.Run for you Life - Beatles
420. Smalltown Boy - Bronskie Beat
421.Taking me Back - Cheap Trick
422.Birdhouse in your Soul - They Must Be Giants
423.I'll Follow the Sun - Beatles
424.Love my Way - Psychedelic Furs(link)
425.Tommy the Cat - Primus
426.Come on, Come On - Cheap Trick
427.Situation "move out" - Yaz
428.Norwegian Wood - Beatles
429.Think for Yourself - Beatles
430.Michelle - Beatles
431.Girl - Beatles
432.I'm Looking Through You - Beatles
433.Wait - Beatles
434.If I Needed Someone - Beatles
435.Kiss from a Rose - Seal
436.Tenement Symphony - My Hand Over my Heart - Marc Almond
437.The Sea of Core Experience - Single Gun Theory
438.Underture - The Who
439.Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
440.Torch - Soft Cell
441.Good Times Roll - Cars
442.Just What I Needed - Cars
443.You're All I've Got Tonight - Cars
444.Bye Bye Love - Cars
445.All Mixed Up - Cars
446.Don't Cha Stop - Cars
447.Fame - Irene Cara
448.Barracuda - Heart
449.Love Alive - Heart
450.Heart of Stone - Rolling Stones
451.Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
452.As Tears go By - Rolling Stones
453.Get off of my Cloud - Rolling Stones
454.Mother's Little Helper - Rolling Stones
455.Under my Thumb - Rolling Stones
456.Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
457.Of Wolf and Men - Metallica
458.God That Failed - Metallica
459.Principles of Lust - Enigma
460.Mea Culpa - Enigma
461.Sweet Leaf - Black Sabath
462.Snowblind - Black Sabbath link
463.Changes - Black Sabbath link
464.N.I.B - Black Sabbath
465.Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues (video)
466.Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
467.Come Together - Beatles
468.Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Beatles
469.I Want You (She's so Heavy) - Beatles
470.Here Comes the Sun - Beatles
471.Surrender - Depeche Mode (I'm a man of flesh and bone)
472.Pulling Mussels - Squeeze (link)
473.Cool for Cats - Squeeze
474.From Ay to Bee - Camouflage
475.I'll Get You - Beatles
476.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
477.The Things You Said - Martin Gore
478.God - Tori Amos
479.Fine Time - New Order(video)
480.My Hand Over My Heart - Marc Almond
481.Confusion - New Order
482.Chips on my Shoulder - Soft Cell
483.Synchonicity 1 - Police
484.Triumph of the Will - Devo
485.Surrender to a Stranger - Soft Cell
486.Motherland - Single Gun Theory
487.The Becoming - NIN video
488.Turning Japanese - The Vapors
489.Daniel - Elton John
490.Come Sail Away - Styx
491.Blood Wedding - Marc and the Mambas
492.Southern Girls - Cheap Trick
493.Twilight zone - golden earing
494.KKK Bitch - Ice T video
495.Strange Love - Depeche Mode (video)
496.There's a hole in my life - Police (link)
497.charming man the smiths
498.Billion Dollar Baby - Alice Cooper(video)
499.Half a person - the smiths
500.Closer (I want to F@#k you like an animal) - NIN (video)
501. School's Out - Alice Cooper
502.Set Sails Free - Origin (video)
503.Temptation - New Order
504.I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - Beatles
505.You Ought to Know - Alanis Morissette video
507.Under the Milky Way - The Church video
508.Amor, Amor - Gipsy Kings video
509.Heat -soft cell
510.Imagine - John Lennon (lyrics)
511.What do other people know - The Monroes
512.Higher than the sun - Primal Scream
513.Wonder wall -Oasis
514.Happiest Girl - Depeche Mode
515.Somebody to love- Jefferson Airplane
516.Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
517.Killing moon Echo and the Bunnymen
518.Leave me Alone - New Order
519.Pink Pussycat - Devo video
520.Cities - Talking Heads
521.Freedom of Choice - DEVO
522.Every Little thing - Beatles link
523.I can Feel him in the Morning - Grand Funk
524.What do you get When you Fall in Love - Elvis Costello youtube
525.What do you get when you fall in love? Dionne Warwick youtube
526.Close to you - Carpenters youtube
527.Polythene Pam - Beatles
528.The Loco-mtion - Grand Funk
529.I've Got a Feeling - Beatles
530.What is my Life - George Harrison
531.Tuesday Morning - Pogues
532.I Feel Loved - Depeche Mode
533.White Wedding - Billy Idol
534.Foot Stomping Music - Grand Funk
535.Local Girls - Graham Parker
536.Question of Lust - Depeche Mode
537.Allison - Elvis Costello
538.Things you Said - Martin Gore Depeche mode
539.Dance with me - Alphaville
540.Little 15 - Depeche Mode
541.The Reflection God - Marilyn Manson (Youtube)
542.Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Coonor
543.Mother Nature's Son - Beatles
544.Try All You Want - Electronic
545.Man Out of Time - Elvis Costello
546.Dreams - Cranberries
547.Laid so low (tears roll down) Tears for Fear (link)
548.Torreodor in the Rain - Marc Almond
549.Victory - Megadeth
550.Things We Said Today - Beatles (link)
551.Weirdo - The Charlatans (link
552.March of the Pigs - NIN link
553.Run - New Order link
554.Why? - Bronski Beat link
555.Boys Own - Allison Moyet
556.Piggy (Nothing can stop me) - Nine Inch Nails (link)
557.This must be the place - Talking Heads link
558.Every little thing - Police(you tube)
559.Gave Up - NIN link
560.Electronic - Reality link
561.Touched by the Hand of God - New Order (link)
562.Brilliant Creatures - Marc Almond (link)
563.Is there Something I Should Know - Duran Duran(video)
564.Irresponsible Hate Anthem - Marilyn Manson (link)
565.See the Lights - Simple Minds,(link)
566.Good Night - Beatles (link)
567.Head Like a Hole - NIN (link)
568.November Spawned a Monster - Morrissey - Smiths (link)
569.Dancing in Heaven - Q Feel
570.Harmony - Elton John (link)
571.For a Friend - Jimmy Sommerville link
572.Over My Head - The Fray - link
573.Follow the Sun - Beatles
574.Head over Heels - Tears for Fear
575.California Dreamin - Mamas and Papas (youtube)
576.Time of the Season - The Zombies (youtube)
577.She's not There - The Zombies (youtube)
578.Caroline - Concrete Blonde (youtube)
579.Victory - Megadeth ((youtube))
580.Born to Run - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (link
581.My Way - Frank Sinatra video
582.More than a Feeling - Boston link
583.Accidents Will Happen - Elvis Costello (video)
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