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1.Appeared on WOR Radio discussing one of the websites I've developed
2.Worked on one of the first Home Banking systems for Chemical Bank called Pronto
3.Delivered Trading System in three months based on Barbnet Open Source Trading system which saved 30 minutes per day in manual processing
4.Automated weekly risk reporting for hedge fund using Imagine Trading System
5.Developed application that tracked $3 Billion in Bearer Bonds
6.Developed first PC based pretrade and posttrade measurement system
7.Managed project that developed patented pre-trade estimation system called ImpleMetrix
8.Proactively reduced market data costs by about $100,000 per year for hedge fund
9.Created Investing Website that was rated in top 5% of website visitors as per
10.Developed automated Excel tool called Twixcel that helped client get over 60,000 followers on Twitter
11.Conceived and developed Logger software which increases PC user's productivity
12.Acknowledged in the book "Optimal Trading Strategies" by Robert Kissell

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