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Introduction to is a new website that's based on creating online lists and quickly accessing them via shortcuts. You can view some of the lists our users have created.

Lists are a well known paradigm. People use lists for:
  • To-do lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Check lists

    Lists are simple and quickly summarize your data. I recently was looking at an article for the 12 programming mistakes to avoid.  The article spanned 7 pages and was very wordy. As a it looks like this, and I'm sure this is a better version. is based on lists so you get the information you want quickly. also lets you turn any item in a list into a sub-list, so you can put details there.

    It's called a, pronounced List-eeee, because it's similar to a wiki, in that the list can be modified by others and immediately appear on the website.

    Much of this website is built with

    To get started just sign up.
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