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Islander Fans on Twitter #Isles

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Tweeted with the #Isles hash tag on Twitter @NYIslanders

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@ChrissyScarfGrl - Christine Rohde
@cward78 - Christopher Ward
@CoachBigMike - Michael Esposito
@christriants - Chris Triantafilis
@CVRrag - Michael Zahn
@ChrisBottaNHL - Chris Botta
@CurtisP11 - Curtis Pirson
@ChrisHammond212- Chris Hammond
@Cheekabella- Graziella Cheekz
@cleyden - Christopher Leyden
@cyph718 - Joseph Schaffer
@CallMeAntNY - Ant Graz
@CastellanoChris - Chris Castellano
@CrocoKyleHunter - Kyle McGovern
@Cush44 - Cush
@czar0406 - Jaret Czarniecki
@creasesinger - Mia Lueth
@caradepippo - Cara DePippo
@CourtxCollision - Courtney Collision
@chipper39 - Tony Chipô
@Connie_Kim - Connie Kim
@courtneycmale - Courtney
@Cschmier - Courtney S
@chrisneetch - Neetch
@ChrisMac97 - Chris Mac
@CDILO1492 - Chris DiLorenzo
@ChefJoeBoko - Joe Boko
@carmela_avs - Carmela Aguilar
@chrisc213 - Chris11
@chewBOCKa - John Bock
@clg_74 - Corrie Gardner
@ChrisHammond212 - Chris Hammond
@C_Gimbel - Cory Gimbel
@culli39 - Dan Bianculli
@Cheekabella - Graziella Cheekz
@Csomichapin - Chapin Landvogt
@cup_a_joe1 - joe musso
@CodyReutzel - Cody Reutzel
@Coopz22 - The Coop
@chelleyschoe - Chelley Schoe
@cazzball - Caz
@CaitKeats - Cait Keating
@Chesterpeake - Chester''s Dad
@canadiensfan31 - Waken B1ake
@CrosstownNY - CrosstownNY
@CharlieLittle11 - Charlie Little
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