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Shark Tank >

Questions they ask [sq]

1. What sales do you have?
2.What's to stop a raccoon from just pealing it right off or gnawing right thru it?
3.Pretend you're a garbage man, you take it off. (problem?)
4.MC: If I do a search for [product] what will I find?
5.What is cost to build?
6.What's it going to sell for?
7.How many women (market segment) have breast implants? (Could use your pos?)
8.What size breast needs your product? (What subset of the target audience needs ur pos?)
9.Have you sold any of these
10.What are your sales today?
11. MC: You guys are kicking ass, why are you here?
12. Let me hear about ur margins? 50% (before you pay yourselves)
13.How much is it?
14.KOL:Is that the premium side of the tea category?
15.KOL: Have u tested ur price point to raise it even higher
16. MC: How much have you raise of own $ and external partners
17.MC: Just 2 of you and 50/50 partners, what do you do when you disagree
18.KOL: Tell me the big plan?
19.KOL: What's the exit strategy? How do I get my $ back?
20. KOL: to FUBU, u said you invested in prod but lost ur shirt what happened?
21. Have you been selling these?
22.What were your sales last year?
23.QVC: What was ur profit?
24. Rob: How did you find these 1000 retailers, do you have a distributor?
25. Rob: Where do you make them?
26.QVC: How has the tough economy affected your sales? ($10 piece of jewelery)
27. Rob: Why do you need the $
28.fubu: Can you tell us more about it
29.How much have you sold in what time?
30.Rob: Convince me why your biz is participating in this mkt and worth 1.2 million?
31.How are you building traffic
32.KOL: what does it cost you to acquire a cust that buys a board?
33.KOL:I could go to your manufacturer make some boards, create website with some geeks, what do I need you for?

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