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Sharks Objections [sobj] sales and trying for a 200K valuation
2.That's an awful idea, go to clean it, wash it
3.Put my logo on a piece of garbage? (referring to garbage can)
4.Come on, how do you not see that's a bad idea
5.Lori: I can tell instantly if this is a hero or a zero, I'm sorry I think this is a zero, I'm out
6.Look it's a given there's garbage cans everywhere
7.KOL: I don't like the numbers right now
8.KOL: $7 to Make, 19.95 @HomeDepot, they need margin buy at $10, $3 not enough, I'm out
9.MC: Not enough margin
10.FUBU: 200K for the concept of the company is a staggering number
11.FUBU: Zero sales is staggering #
12.MC: It's been 3 years and low sales
13.LG: Your product is too niche, so I'm out
14.KOL: start with 50% of population, thn women w large breast, thn w/breast job, thn wmn sleep on stomach
15.KOL: Down to market of 83 which is 100% of the mkt w/ur sales
16.KOL: You've lived the nightmare and only sold 83 units
17.KOL: ur prod is not going to mk anyone any $ so I'm out
18.FUBU: I don't no how 2 mkt to this area and neither do you, I'm out.
19.MC: Ur not an entrepreneur yet ur a wantrepreneur, u want this 2b a co but not bad enuf
20.MC: If I write you a check ur not the person who will bust ur but and I don't see u doing that, so I'm out
21.FUBU: I'm already in a conflicting investment
22.MC: I live, eat, sleep my bizs, but I can't live-eat-sleep tea. I'm out.
23.KOL: I like the story, I like what you're doing, I don't like the value
24.??: Values today isn't worth what you're asking, maybe in future
25.QVC: Overvaluation
26.I want something proprietary so I have a chance when a competitor comes up
27.Your valuation isn't cool, I'm out

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