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Logger One Page Guide

One Page Guide to Logger

Install Logger from


  • To Log anything, just type and press enter. Entered data gets date and time stamped  
  • Save phone numbers with the format " phone  number is   
  • To view the Log enter "EL"  
  • To fix the last entered command enter "FC"


  • To find data use the "Find" command. Enter "Find  "  
  • To view all logged data enter "EL", Commands, "CL",  and user info "UL"  
  • If phone numbers logged as described above, then you can  retrieve them by entering "PH name>"


  • Adding  
    • To add a short cut enter "sc,,"    ex. "SC, Y," will and a shortcut to Yaho    
    • Enter "SC" and press the (Add) button. You must use the mouse to click each field before entering data into it.    
    • Parameters    
      • To pass a parameter enter in the shortcut where "n" is the number of the parameter      
      • To use the fist character of a use ""    
    • Macros    
      • ; - semicolon to separate multiple commands      
      • @C - copies text to the clipboard      
      • @S - send the text or keys to the active window, alt = %, Ctrl = ^, shift = +, tab = {tab}      
      • @A - activate the window that has as its caption      
      • @D - Delays system for "n" seconds    

  • Deleting  

    • Enter "SC"    
    • Select the row to delete    
    • Press the (Delete) key  
  • Running
    • To run a shortcut, enter the shortcut and its parameters separated by spaces    
    • A - Takes you to    
    • G - searches Google for string    
    • Q - quotes a stock on yahoo  
  • Viewing  
    • To view shortcuts enter "SC"    
    • To view my most recently added enter "MR"  
  • Stop Watch  
  • Enter "SW" to bring up the stop watch  
  • Standard Window function  
    • Ctrl+C - Copy    
    • Ctrl+V - Paste  

Logger Window

  • Minimized by press (Esc)  
  • Auto-shrink option will shrink window when not active and restore when activated  
  • Auto-resize - if you type in too much, window will automatically increase in size  
  • Return - use Ctrl+Enter for a return
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