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28 Tips to Save Time

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1.Go to lunch at 11:45 am to beat the crowd
2.Shop at the grocery store at night
3.Don't watch live TV. DVR your shows and skip over the commercials.
4.Set up speed dial on your phones
5.Work from home a few days a week to shorten your commute
6.Use an egg timer to limit time on one task
7.Use Alt+space+n to minimize a window via keyboard
8.Use a tool like Camstudio (opensource) to record screen and voice interactions for training purposes
9.Ask yourself "Is this the most important thing to do?"
10.Find, learn and use shortcuts when using computers
11.Automate manual processes
12.Pay someone to maintain your lawn
13.Make Google your home page instead of Yahoo (won't get distracted as easily)
14.Take 5 hour energy shots, they actually work.
15.Use deadlines to increase productivity (Parkinson's Law)
16.Limit meetings to 30 minutes, have clear agenda and stick to it
17.Delete 1/2 the tasks on to-do list then delete 1/2 of those left to give 25% most important
18.Walk up the up escalator
19.Do things at off hours when crowds are smaller
20.Identify and eliminate time wasters
21.Add email filters to reduce the emails you get interrupted by
22.In #Microsoft Outlook press Shift+Delete to permanently delete an #email instead of sending it to the Deletion folder
23.Drive faster than the speed limit without getting caught
24.Get a faster computer
25.Get a 4G phone connection
26.Use Ctrl+f to find
27.Eat at your desk
28.Get less sleep
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