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22 #Email Best Practices

1.Reply to emails as soon as possible to tell sender that you've received it and when you'll get back to them
2.Send "Thank you" #emails only to person you're thanking. Don't Reply to All.
3.Proofread before pressing the Send button
4.Look for misspelled words that the spell checker won't pick up like you're vs. your
5.Use language to your advantage. If you work in NY and live in Queens, don't say "Working from home" say "Working from Queens"
6.Get someone to read an "angry email" before you send it out. You can't take it back
7.Write an "ANGRY EMAIL" but don't send it out for a day. Reread it first.
8.DON'T USE CAPS when writing emails, makes it seem like you're YELLING.
9.Send "Thank you" emails to let the sender know you got the message
10.Don't send emails to 2 people or a group as you may not get an answer because each is waiting for the other to answer
11.Be very careful with email as it is missing body language and can easily be interpreted differently than your intended
12.Don't send an email if you fear someone who shouldn't see the email might see it, make a phone call or visit in person
13.Copy your boss on all emails you send that he or she should be aware of
14.You shouldn't use "you" in email. "You didn't send me the document" becomes "I didn't receive the document"
15.Don't say "I'll do X by tomorrow." What if something comes up? Say, "I'll probably complete X by tomorrow."
16.Don't use #humor or sarcasm in an email. Without body language the humor might be taken the wrong way.
17.Be very #careful when you reply to all, you may be replying to your entire #company
18.Don't say "I'll send out the ... tomorrow", say "I'll try to ....", this way if you don't do it you're not lying
19.Don't put group emails in "To" section. Use bcc (blind carbon copy)
20.Support a way for people to unsubscribe to your email
21.Add tracking code to urls in email so you know that click came from which email
22.Tell user how to white list your emails
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